American International Motorcycle Expo – Columbus, OH

Clymer/Haynes Booth at AIMExpo

Us folks here at Clymer love motorcycles, and powersports in general, so we never miss a chance to work an event. Like most enthusiasts we never get tired of meeting fellow riders and talking about bikes. The AIM Expo was formerly just a trade show, collecting all the dealers and vendors to preview next year’s offerings, but recently it has been opened up to the general public, and now it is even better.

An international team from Clymer offices in the midwest and California, and Haynes in the UK converged to meet with our dealers and users. We brought all our latest manuals to show off, and a sneak preview of our upcoming Harley-Davidson Milwaukee 8 powered touring bike book. But we also went to hear about what we can do better, and what manuals you’d all like to see in upcoming months.

Honda Booth AIMExpo 2019

Our booth was directly across from the huge Honda display, including their new Africa Twin – which was great for us since we were showcasing the new Haynes Africa Twin manual. Also on hand were the Haynes Honda Grom, and Royal Enfield 500/535 single books. Clymer brought our new Honda Fury 1300 book, Yamaha small bore TT-R manual, and Harley-Davidson V-rod update, among others.

Of particular interest to many of the operators of small independent shops that we met was our new Haynes AllAccess digital product. Since you never know what is going to roll through the doors, having instant access to all the Haynes and Clymer manuals with digital copies is huge. For $399 a year (billed monthly) you get the expanded versions of our latest motorcycle manuals, plus ATVs and marine titles, and access to our ever expanding digital archive of classic manuals.

VJMC bike  display

Speaking of classics, the floor of the AIM Expo had plenty of those as well. The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club has a big display of restored bikes from the late 1960s and early 70s – including a dozen candy colored Honda CB750-fours. Also on hand were Kawasaki two-stroke triples, Honda Dreams, Yamaha enduros, Suzuki water-buffaloes, and more. These inexpensive and once thought disposable bikes have rapidly been becoming collectible. Many of these bikes were sold, but not pampered and well cared for, making nice ones rare today, 40-50 years later.

Customs were also represented, with Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney sponsoring a display of everything from choppers, to cafe racers, to street trackers. It is always nice to see the geographic differences in styles between Southern California, the Great Britain, and Central Ohio. There was even a legitimate historic museum piece; an early single cylinder Harley-Davidson from the teens.

SuperATV Portal Axles

If two wheeled rides aren’t your thing, there were plenty of examples of three and four wheeled vehicles to get your motor running. Outside, giving demo “rides”, was the Vanderhal three wheeled sportscar; with turbo EcoTech power to the twin front wheels, it is an affordable weekend canyon carver. Also with three wheels (or four if you prefer) were the converted Harley’s of American QTec Engineering offering an alternative to the CanAm Spyder.

There were plenty of ATVs and side by sides at the show as well. Honda was showing off their sporty new Talon 1000 two and four seat RZR competitors, with 6 speed dual clutch transmission, plus low range for more technical trails. Mahindrah was there with their Roxor utility vehicle, which you might recognize as an exact replica of a Korean War era Jeep, now with turbo diesel power. If you want something more extreme, SuperATV was showing off their GDP portal axle lift kits for ATVs, to allow ride heights you could barely believe.

We will be back next year with our latest batch of books and digital manuals. Until then, stay warm and ride safe.

Enjoy this gallery of pictures we took in and around the convention center.

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