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How New Motorcycle Legislation Might Affect Your Future Ride

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As in most sectors, motorcycle legislation is changing all the time. Many riders simply roll with the changes, while others would like to see them implemented slower or not at all.

Europe Sets the Standard

With over eight million registered motorcycles in the US, sometimes we forget that we’re not first in the world when it comes to two-wheel revolution. Indeed, what spirit of freedom and rebellion would there be if it was the other way around, 256 million bikes and just 8 million cars?

That’s why looking to the EU and other parts of the world can give us a good idea of where motorcycle legislation is going.… Read the rest

Don’t Go Without a Motorcycle Repair Manual!

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Years ago, you didn’t have to be a genius to work on cars or motorcycles. Even if you were mildly mechanically inclined and had a few tools, you could probably diagnose and repair most problems on the average bike. Today, things are a little different. Just like electronic systems have taken over control of the automotive sector, albeit quite a bit earlier, the modern bike is more complex than it ever has been. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that motorcycles are becoming harder to work on.

Still, motorcycles aren’t all that complicated, so in addition to your mechanical aptitude and toolbox, have you considered adding a motorcycle repair manual to your toolbox?… Read the rest