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BMW Motorcycles – The Early Years (1917 – 1969)

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Most people are familiar with the iconic blue and white checker logo of BMW, or Bavarian Motor Works, at least when it comes to four-wheeled iterations. After all, it was founded exactly a century ago and remains one of the world’s best-selling luxury automobiles. On two-wheels, BMW aficionados see no distinction, and BMW Motorrad is one of the world’s best-known luxury motorcycle manufacturers, producing some of the most high-tech motorcycles in the world.

Each BMW motorcycle is so well-adapted to its task, whether it be touring, cruising, or adventuring, that one would think that it was born for it. Indeed, such results are only possible because of the spirit of innovation that has driven BMW Motorrad since the beginning, some 90 years ago.… Read the rest

Top Five Motorcycle Songs

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“Get your motor running, head out on the highway…” These words are some of the most inspiring words to get you out and on your motorcycle, but there are many more songs that both encourage and describe the motorcycle riding experience. There are countless musical creations, from a half century of artists, that have circulated globally and become hits for music lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. What are some of these riding-inspired masterpieces?

“Little Honda” The Beach Boys.

When you think of riding a motorcycle, you most likely hear the deafening sounds of heavy metal running through your hypothetical ears. While there are riders that may only be described musically by the screams of a metal artist, there are other riders that can be summed up perfectly by this feel-good classic.… Read the rest