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Top Motorcycle Daredevils

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Motorcycle daredevils are looked at in the media as either psycho and off their meds, or as steely-eyed macho men whose only emotion is courage. Perhaps they are both. Here is a closer look at the top eight daredevil motorcycle riders.

Ronnie Renner

In front of a huge audience at Chicago’s Butler Field at Grant Park, Renner launched himself 63.5 feet into the sky and into the record books as the biggest motorcycle jump off a quarter pipe and landed safely. The jump surpassed his own world record, previously set by jumping over 59 feet one year earlier.

Eddie Kidd

Eddie Kidd is a famed daredevil and movie stuntman, best known for undertaking over 3,000 death-defying motorcycle jumps and doing stunt riding for the James Bond movies.… Read the rest