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Winter Motorcycle Riding

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When local news reports are filled with the next polar vortex, snowmageddon, or sleetpocalypse, it’s a sign that riding season is probably over. However, there are a few brave riders out there that insist all weather is riding weather. With the proper prep and gear, they’re right: winter is riding season. Take a quick look at some advice for the best winter ever.

Be Prepared

Like the Boy Scout motto says, the best way to prepare for any potentially risky task is to prepare in advance by knowing what you are getting into. Winter weather varies by the region, so if you are new to the area, ask around.… Read the rest

Great Gifts for Your Motorcycle Maniac

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Got a biker on your gift giving list, but don’t know what to buy them? If they didn’t hand you a wish list of all the cool DIY gear they want, keep reading as we cover some of the best suggestions for your favorite biker.

Safety Gear

Safety gear can be cool too, and it serves double duty at gift time by letting them know you care. Safety gear varies by the rider, but hopefully you aren’t buying for the flip flops and tank top crowd. A helmet, jacket, and boots are the minimum common sense items, considering the state of other drivers these days. … Read the rest

Shipping a Motorcycle Overseas

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Well, the time has come. For whatever reason, you need to get your motorcycle not just out of the country, but across the ocean. While your first thought might be to disassemble and take several boxes to UPS, trust me, there is an easier way. Whether changing active duty stations to somewhere in Europe, or selling your bike online to an enthusiast far away, here’s a quick look at what to expect and prepare for when shipping a bike overseas.

Find a Transporter

No, this doesn’t involve Jason Statham riding your bike at full throttle through a hail of mob bullets, although that would be cool.… Read the rest