What’s in Your Road Toolkit?

motocycle on deserted roadPacking for a road trip on a motorcycle can be the absolute worst part about the entire trip. It doesn’t have to be. By knowing what to pack, and what you can leave behind, you can get out on the road and enjoy the ride worry free. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff you already know to bring, like your helmet or a tire pressure gauge, so let’s look at the more unconventional packing list. Take a look at this list before heading out for the best ride of your life.


This may seem a bit obvious, but it is essential. Take your license, and motorcycle insurance paperwork. If you will be driving internationally, bring your passport.

Tool Roll Bag

This is just a number of wrenches and drivers in a convenient roll style carry bag. It should have at least one adjustable crescent wrench. Check to make sure the wrenches are common size for your ride, and swap out as needed.


These things are great. Compact and small and light enough to carry all the time, a multi-tool is a great road trip tool. You probably won’t use it, but just in case it’s there with a knife/file/corkscrew when you need it.


Yeah, we get it; your exhaust sounds cool. But how does that sound for 6+ hours a day of highway drone? Not so cool. Save your ears, bring plugs.

Tire Sealer

Sure, that green goo is horrible for balanced wheels, and you’ll want to replace the tire as soon as you can. But that’s the point. This cheap bottle might be the only thing allowing you to limp back into town, and the tire store.

Baby Wipes

Seriously. Clean everything from your visor to your mug. Go eat at El Arroyo in Austin TX, and you’ll see why these are handy.

Rain Gear

If you take it, it won’t rain. If you don’t take it, it will rain the entire trip.

Phone Charger

Bring a power pack style battery charger, as nothing eats battery life like using it for GPS. Also a possibility is a small solar recharger, although this won’t work if you’re headed to New Orleans or Seattle.

Spare Fuses and Bulbs

They’re cheap, super tiny, and the older your bike is, the more you are going to need them.


Even just a small LED flashlight will be worth its weight in gold. From after dark repairs, to reading those digits you collected at the bar last night, a flashlight is a multipurpose tool.


Pack a bag with duct tape, zip ties (metal and plastic style), and a first aid kit.

Sure, you could always go the expensive route and just carry a cell phone, credit card, and AAA’s roadside assistance number, but where’s the fun in that? Take a few minutes to pack thoughtfully, and you will have a better, safer ride.

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