The Perfect Off-Season Gift for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Seasonal changes affect plants, animals, and motorcycle riders much the same. As the weather turns colder, deciduous trees lose their leaves, migratory animals head for warmer southern climes, and riders put their motorcycles away. For those who love to ride, snow and freezing weather couldn’t be more of a downer. To keep from going completely stir crazy, many turn to motorcycle magazines and fond memories, but these can only go so far to ease an itchy throttle hand. One of our manuals makes a great gift for those taking on a winter restoration or improvement project, but what if it is too cold in the garage?

Working with motorcycle models is creative. Using hand tools, miniature power tools, and glue, and one can turn a mess of plastic parts into a scale reproduction of a real bike. After assembly, which can take several days to do properly, it’s time for the finishing touch, but how? This is where creativity can be taken up a notch. Using another whole set of skills, painting and finishing the model might take several more hours, days even.

Beginning modelers might stick with solid color like what is on the box, but what if they’re looking for something custom or more authentic? Case in point: This WWII Indian 741 motorcycle, shown here in a vintage photo and as a model. A model builder might consider watching WWII movies or visiting a museum for inspiration.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for yourself or a rider you care for this motorcycle  off-season, why not consider a model kit? No matter if you prefer Harley-Davidson based bikes, dirt bikes or Japanese or European sport bikes, you can get smaller version of the machines you love. Check out some of these available on Amazon, or for the harder to find kits, these on eBay.

If shopping motorcycle model kits for the enthusiast in your life, you should take several things into consideration for the best fit. Start by thinking about their interests and other hobbies, which will help you choose what kind of motorcycle model kit to buy. Then, consider their skill level, maybe a simpler model and some basic tools and paints for a beginning modeler, or a kid not quite old enough for a real motorcycle. There are many model kits to choose from, varying in complexity and skill level, ranging from realistic to fanciful models. You can even get working scale models of just the engine to help teach how it all works inside, created by our sister company Haynes in the U.K.


Building a motorcycle model requires time and patience, but the results can be rewarding, just like building a real bike! For anyone with a little extra time on their hands, such as a rider in the off-season, or someone looking to learn more about how bikes work, explore their creative side, scale model kits are just the ticket. If you have a motorcycle enthusiast in your life, no matter the age, and you are concerned about their well-being, consider the gift of a scale motorcycle model kit, something to keep the mind busy until the weather clears for riding again!

If you want to please the motorcycle enthusiast in your life with a manual for their current bike, visit our site for the perfect stocking stuffer!

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