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The 3rd Annual Women’s Motorcycle Show – L.A., CA

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The third annual Women’s Motorcycle Show put on by Moto Lady and the Lucky Wheels DIY Garage in L.A., happened this past weekend and it was so much larger than expected it got raided and shut down by the police. It seems they thought there was some street racing going on, or possibly that it was a big outlaw biker club rally. Nevertheless, everyone had a good time and some talented ladies got to show off the bikes they had built or at least commissioned.




No matter whether you like new bikes or old, sportbikes or cruisers, there was something for everyone at the show, plus music, welding and blacksmithing demonstrations, snacks, and a raffle with many valuable prizes.… Read the rest

Best 2017 Motorcycles from the Long Beach International Show

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HoohooHoblin is a lot of fun to listen to as he walks around the 2016 Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, looking for the best new (and returning) bikes for 2017. If you prefer to read along while you watch the video, here’s a transcript of the best 2017 motorcycles video:

These are the best motorcycles at the 2017 motorcycle show. According to me, your opinion may differ, but we had a great time down in Long Beach looking at bikes.

BMW RnineT

The Germans have come up with a new RnineT that looks like the old adventure bikes, but it is the street nimble RnineT.… Read the rest

Washington DC Motorcycle Show

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The 2015 Washington DC Motorcycle Show was held this past weekend, January 9th – 11th. It featured the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, the Progressive Garage, Progressive Stage, and an amazing Marketplace.

Other attractions drawing the crowds included a stunt show and the Exotics Pavilion which exhibited the limited edition and rare motorcycles that you won’t find at your local dealership. Some of the manufacturers who participated were Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Kawasaki, BRP, and Suzuki.

If you missed it, take a quick look at the event set up and watch Jason Britton do a few stunts.

The next Progressive International Motorcycle Show is this weekend, January 16th-18th in Miami.… Read the rest