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BMW Owners News Visits Clymer During the K1200LT Teardown

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Back in 2006, when Clymer’s ace powersports mechanic Ron Wright was tearing down a new BMW and writing the BMW K1200 manual, he got a shop visit from Gary Smith of the BMW Owners News Magazine. Gary and then managing editor of all of Clymer publications, James Grooms bonded over their love of riding BMWs at Gary’s “Motorcycle Church”. Together with machinist Al Vangura, they launched an ambitious plan to create a knockout K1200 based display for the annual Indianapolis Dealer Show.



The Gary’s story for the magazine begins below:

Brad Newsham’s book, “Take Me With You: A Round-The-World Adventure To Invite a Stranger Home“, about traveling the globe meeting strangers, one of whom offered an all-expenses paid trip to visit America struck a chord with me.… Read the rest