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Road Bike vs Dirt Bike – What’s the Difference?

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How are dirt bikes and road bikes made to handle different riding types? Riding both off-road and on-road, you’d note the difference between them. Of course, there are the obvious things, like suspension height and ground clearance, but also subtle things, like rider position and the difference between “turning” and “leaning” to steer. On pavement, putting your foot down for a turn could result in disaster, while attempting to lean into a turn off-road could easily send you off the trail. Here are a few differences between motorcycles for the road and dirt bikes, and how they make or break your ride.… Read the rest

Cleaning Your Dirt Bike – Video

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Here is a video showing how to make your dirt bike look like new again. Its always a good idea to clean your bike after using to keep it in tip top condition and to help ensure you get years of service from it.

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