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1965-1978 Honda 125cc-200cc Twin Motorcycle Repair Manual Video Preview

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What’s in your toolbox? Clymer Manuals Honda 125cc-200cc twins service manual covers all street bike and dirt versions of Honda’s long running (1965-1978), smallest parallel twin. Like every Clymer manual, it is written specifically for home users and enthusiasts, with clear pictures and explanations in plain English, perfect for the young mechanic. Unlike OEM factory service manuals, which are designed for the professional, Clymer Manuals are written with the do-it-yourself mechanic in mind, not the expert. Be that as it may, many experts still swear by them! The most important tool in your tool box may be your Clymer manual, get one today.

No matter if you enjoy riding your SS125 on narrow twisty roads, racing your CB160, commuting to work on your CD175, or getting way off the beaten trial on a SL175 you ought to get the Clymer motorcycle service manual to help with maintenance, troubleshooting & repair.… Read the rest

L.J. Bergman’s 1971 Kawasaki S1 Mach I Cafe Racer – 2013 HoAME Best Cafe Winner

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Clymer Manuals got an up-close look at L.J. Bergman’s 1971 Kawasaki S1 Mach I,  named Best Cafe by Cafe Racer Inc, at the 2013 Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts Vintage Motorcycle Show in Kansas City, MO.

The S1 was the smallest of the Kawasaki triples, with a 250cc 3-cylinder two-stroke motor that made 32hp in stock configuration. With the pod filters, custom bent expansion chambers, and special tuning you can be this one makes a lot more these days. Weight is down from stock too, with all the extraneous parts tossed in the scrap pile, but the awesome factory sideways combined speedo, tach, odometer still tucked into the headlight shell.… Read the rest

Vintage British Street Bike Collection Service Manual

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What’s in your toolbox? If love classic British twins, you need to get yourself a copy of the Clymer Collection Series – British Street Bike Service Manual. An updated reprint of the manual we first put out when these bikes were the latest and greatest, it covers BSA 500 cc and 650 cc unit twins from 1963-1972, Norton 750 cc and 850 cc twins from 1969-1975, and Triumph 500 cc, 650 cc, and 750 cc twins from 1963-1979. Like every Clymer manual, it is written specifically for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, with clear pictures and explanations in plain English. Unlike OEM “factory” manuals, which are designed for the professional motorcycle mechanic, Clymer shop manuals are designed specifically for the first time user.… Read the rest

Suzuki RV90 Vintage Motorcycle Walk Around

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Clymer Manuals got a close-up look at Gary Berger’s 1972 Suzuki RV90J on display at the 2013 HoAME Vintage Motorcycle Rally. This vintage Japanese play bike won the Constellation Award sponsored by Motorcycle Closeouts. While we don’t have a manual that covers this Suzuki specifically, most of the information you need is in the TS/TC90 section of our Vintage Collection Volume 2, which covers all of them from 1970-72, and the later 100cc versions.

The Fun and Functional RV90

Using the same motor as the Suzuki TS90 Honcho and TC90 Blazer, the RV90 Rover was made to be simpler and more fun.… Read the rest