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Rarest Motorcycles in the World (video)

Appreciation of the past is a hallmark of the motorcycle world.  From honoring the history of riding clubs to celebrating the 75th anniversary of Sturgis, bikers love history. They also love vintage and antique motorcycles.  Spending hours faithfully restoring a classic or vintage motorcycle is not uncommon. Seeing vintage bikes at a show or rally is usually a highlight of the event and making the trek to a motorcycle museum is a common bucket list item to be checked off.

Thanks to the power of streaming media, you can actually see some of the rarest motorcycles in the world without having to travel — and even hear some of them rev up decades or even a century after they were built.

An insiders tour of the rare motorcycles at the Wheels Through Time Museum:

Watch the auction of a 1913 Flying Merkel Twin Belt from several years ago. One of the rarest motorcycles, it sold for $175,000:

What motorcycle museum is on your bucket list? – and which rare bike would you love to see up close?

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