Great Gifts for Your Motorcycle Maniac

Got a biker on your gift giving list, but don’t know what to buy them? If they didn’t hand you a wish list of all the cool DIY gear they want, keep reading as we cover some of the best suggestions for your favorite biker.

Safety Gear

motorcycle helmetSafety gear can be cool too, and it serves double duty at gift time by letting them know you care. Safety gear varies by the rider, but hopefully you aren’t buying for the flip flops and tank top crowd. A helmet, jacket, and boots are the minimum common sense items, considering the state of other drivers these days.  While the $20 helmets on eBay are better than nothing, take a moment to try and buy the very best quality your money will buy. Your biker would use the eBay cheapo helmet, but love the Bell Bullitt in gloss black even more. Other suggestions here include the armored jackets and pants, chaps, gloves, and goggles. Think about their personality and riding style though, as the best piece of safety equipment does them no good if it’s staying in the garage while they are on the ride.


The DIY motorcycle rider probably knows a thing or two about improving their bike. The aftermarket industry has exploded in the last decade or two, and now even manufacturers with smaller followings have all kinds of custom pieces available. Everything from wheels and pipes, to chrome bits, suspension, brakes, saddlebags, fender delete kits, smoked windshields, HID & LED lights, and so on. You name it, it can be done, and someone out there sells it. Get an idea of what style your biker buddy is looking for, then head to Google.


Everyone loves getting tools for Christmas/Birthday/Thursday or whenever, especially the motorcycle rider that likes to do their own wrenching. The great thing about bikes (and also one of the bad things) is that you always need more tools. While some bikers will need basic wrenches for changing their oil, others will want an English wheel or camshaft degreeing kit.  If they seem to have everything, ask. There might be a tool they just broke or found out they need, and that can be your opportunity to save the day by giving a quality piece they need.


Speaking of tools, knowledge is probably the best one to have in your toolbox. Not everyone can remember the torque specs on that 1961 Model Obscura from who knows where. Enter the Clymer Manual. Clymer has motorcycle manuals and repair guides for pretty much every bike ever made, in paper hardcopy and handy online form. You know the Haynes manuals for cars and trucks? It’s like that, with exploded parts diagrams, tear down how-to guides, close-up photos, color wiring diagrams, and all kinds of stats and advice. It’s a seriously useful tool for not a lot of cash.

No matter what you buy, your biker pal will likely be happy you thought of them. Put some thought into your gift, aim for useful, and you pretty much can’t go wrong.

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