Get your ATV Ready for Spring!

It’s a beautiful day and you head outside excited for an off-road adventure. You get on your quad and fire it up – only, it doesn’t start. After multiple tries it will crank, but not start. Your day of riding is over before it even started. What went wrong? You forgot the spring tune-up. Follow along as we get you ready for warm weather riding.

Change your oil, if you did not during winter service. Use the proper weight, to the fill level, and don’t be a cheapo; change the oil filter too.

While you are down there, take a look at the spark plugs, hoses, and belts, and replace as needed. Check the air filter as well, and wash and re-oil, or replace as needed. None of this should be a factor for you, as you did the winter storage ATV service, right?

fixing ATVCharge the battery, if you did not have it on a trickle charger.

Check all electrical connections to make sure they are secure. Replace any cracked/damaged electrical cables. Use dielectric grease on all connections. This step includes a headlight and gauge check, and replace bulbs as needed.

Finally, check the tires to ensure they are properly inflated. Winter temperature variations probably caused a loss of pressure, even if there are no leaks in your tires.

Consult your owner’s manual. It will recommend service intervals for maintenance on the transmission, differential, or other complex systems. Schedule an appointment if you feel this work is out of your league. There’s no shame in paying for service, as CVTs are incredibly complex, and the routine maintenance shouldn’t be expensive, an expert eye can be priceless.

Last, wash up. A clean ATV is a better running ATV, so get it looking showroom new.

Once clean, make a final once-over for any damage that could have been hidden by grime. Specifically, examine the frame and tires for cracks.

Fuel up with the recommended octane. Try to find ethanol free gas, if it is available in your area.

Fire up, wait a bit for operating temp, and take her out for a slow ride. Take it easy this first time out, and check to make sure everything works properly. Notice the suspension on bumps, and feel the brakes when slowing. If any jittery handling or odd pulling is noticed, stop and find out what needs fixed before going faster. If everything is good to go, have a great ride.

Once back at home, park on a relatively clean flat surface. Let your quad sit for a bit, and check the ground and underside of your ride for any leaks.

If everything checks out, you should be good for a long, fun riding season.

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