Clymer Marine Manuals for Your Boat and Personal Watercraft

America knows and loves Clymer for their manuals that keep motorcycles and ATVs running right, but did you know we also have a marine division to keep your outboard motor purring and your PWC jetting? Our sterndrive and inboard motor manuals basically cover everything but the hull and the head for your powerboat or cabin cruiser.

A boat is probably the second biggest purchase you are ever going to make, below the cost of your house and often above your car. Unfortunately, a boat is likely the most maintenance intensive possession you are ever likely to own (unless you also own horses), and to protect your investment you need to take care of it before and after every outing. The needs of even the smallest boat will dwarf ordinary car care – think of it like taking care of a car combined with the requirements of a beach house which is regularly being beaten by the weather.

Clymer’s marine manuals make all of that more straightforward, so you can get out on the water, or back home afterward, quicker and easier.

Outboard Motors

Mercury Outboard MotorsClymer outboard motor manuals cover everything from small trolling motors to monster 300 horsepower units. Regardless of whether you are a fisherman, a sailor getting your sloop out of the harbor, or a power boater towing a wakeboard, we want to help. Even a novice mechanic can overhaul an outboard engine with the help of Clymer manuals. You’ll find model coverage for all major brands, and many smaller makers too, as well as model year coverage going back to 1955. 




Personal Watercraft

Rad Jetski PilotClymer personal watercraft manuals start by giving you the routine maintenance checklist, based on the manufacturer’s official data as well as our technicians and their years of experience. Clymer manuals also include troubleshooting charts, wiring diagrams, and testing procedures for electronic fault codes on newer fuel injected models. Follow our manual’s suggestions, and you’ll be out cruising and having fun for days on end, without any worries about breaking down. There is Clymer coverage for Sea-Doo, Polaris, Kawasaki, and Yamaha PWC, as well as the Mercury Sport Jet powered small craft.




Inboards and Sterndrives

Mercruiser Stern DrivesIf you have a bigger boat, with inboard or stern drive propulsion, we cover those models too. One of the most popular Clymer titles covers the Mercruiser Alpha and Bravo line of GM based motors, from 3.0 liter four cylinders up to 8.2 liter/502 cubic inch big blocks! Clymer manuals cover gasoline models and some diesel power plants as well from makers like Indmar, Mercury/Mariner, OMC, Volvo, and Yanmar. If you are headed out onto the open water, the first item you should pack after your floatation device, toolkit and flare gun is the appropriate Clymer manual!




For use closer to shore, while doing routine maintenance, all Clymer marine titles are available in both the traditional printed format and a convenient new, easy to use, online format that includes expandable color photos, hyperlinked text, robust search function and the ability to print any sections you need at home.


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