1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 Dirt Drag Bike – 2013 HoAME Show

You never know what you are going to find at the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiast Show, and in 2013 Clymer Manuals found this 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 based dirt drag racer.

Cross a drag bike with a flat tracker and you get this 1075cc, alcohol burning beast, which can get down the dirt quarter mile quicker than a stock bike would do it on the pavement. Since it only has to run for less than a minute at a time, the fuel tank goes in the name of weight savings, and a tiny amount of fuel is carried

Clymer Girl and the crew didn’t have to go far to attend the HoAME show and rally, as it was just up the road at the Kansas City Airline History Museum in the Downtown Airport. The show was packed with classic vintage and antique motorcycles including British, German, Japanese, Italian, and American makes, all on display. Manufacturers represented include Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Harley Davidson, Vincent, Triumph, BSA, Norton, Brough Superior, Indian, Cushman, Vespa, Laverda, Puch, Lambretta, MV Augusta, Ducati, Matchless, Zundapp, Moto Guzzi, AJS and more. There were 100% perfect restorations, well worn bikes daily riders, full-on customs, cafe racers, choppers, bobbers, dirt bikes, road racers – any type or style of motorcycle you could image. Also on display were vintage propeller driven passenger planes, including a Douglas DC-3, a Martin 404, and right outside the hangar was a 1958 Lockheed Super Constellation.

If you are building a racer, Clymer offers coverage for the big Kawasaki four cylinder bikes in two different manuals, depending on your taste in vintage bikes. If you only like the big Kawis, there is the 1973-1981 Kawasaki 900-1100cc Manual. Or, if you like early Hondas and the two-strokes of this era, you can pick up the Clymer Vintage Collection Series: Japanese Street Bikes Manual, covering the Honda 250cc and 305cc twins from the 1960s, Kawasaki 250- 750cc two-stroke triples, and Kawasaki 900cc and 1000cc fours from the 1970s.

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