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Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

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This video from FortNine is a great guide to the best Motorcycling rain gear.

Here is the transcript if you want to read through it again or print it.  Thank you Fort Nine 

I’m Ryan Fortnine and this is how I gear up for rainy weather. Now I ride in mesh pants year-round and in my side case, I keep icons PDX rain bib. Now this set-up gives me a whole lot of range for my money, because I have mesh for the summer, rain pants for the rain, and then when it gets cold in the fall or the spring, I layer up with the rain pants again to stay warm.… Read the rest

Snowmobile Racing Videos

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Snowmobile season brings not just outdoor fun in the snow, but actual racing.  Some people race for fun while others race in organized events for prizes and bragging rights.  But did you know that not all snowmobile racing takes place in the snow?

You didn’t?

Snowmobile racers have taken their machines off the snow and tackled some interesting challenges over the years

Watch as snowmobiles race on the water:

Would you bet on a snowmobile beating a Ferrari — on dry land?

Or maybe you want to watch more traditional snowmobile racing, this time from a rider’s POV? Check out this (long) video of a cross-country race via GOPRO:

Do you race your snowmobile?… Read the rest

Motorcycle Racing – Vintage Clips

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Motorcycle racing has been around almost as long as there have been bikes. Riders have challenged each other, themselves, and even the elements — and succeeded.

Take a look at the history of board track racing in the US in this video:

Or go back a few more decades to watch a home movie of a motorcycle hillclimb event:

And another home movie, circa 1949, showing a race in Daytona. Since this was before the construction of Daytona Speedway, the race was held out on the beach:

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Keep Motorcycle Grease off Your Electronic Devices

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Clymer customers and fans like to work on their bikes themselves. Whenever possible you guys are rolling up your sleeves to perform everything from routine maintenance to complete rebuild/restoration projects. That’s what we love about you.

The internet has made it even easier to get your hands on repair resources like schematics, “how to” blog posts, and even videos. But when you put your greasy hands on that smartphone or tablet to swipe on to the next screen or zoom in on a diagram you risk ruining the device.

Our partners over at Haynes have come up with a solution.  Check it out:

Best of all, this trick works for more than just repairs.  If you’re out riding in the rain or snow and afraid that your phone or ipod or whatever is going to fall into a puddle or snowdrift, this solves that.  It’s also great for checking your GPS on a wet ride.… Read the rest

1971 Honda CB500 Four “On the Lift”

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Another episode of “On the Lift” takes an in depth look at the 1971 Honda CB500 Four.  In the 70s, Honda manufactured a series of single over head cam fours, including the CB500.

This video looks at the demand for the vehicle, it’s important features, good and bad, and shows the bike up close, engine included, before taking it on the road and letting loose.


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