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BMW Owners News Visits Clymer During the K1200LT Teardown

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Back in 2006, when Clymer’s ace powersports mechanic Ron Wright was tearing down a new BMW and writing the BMW K1200 manual, he got a shop visit from Gary Smith of the BMW Owners News Magazine. Gary and then managing editor of all of Clymer publications, James Grooms bonded over their love of riding BMWs at Gary’s “Motorcycle Church”. Together with machinist Al Vangura, they launched an ambitious plan to create a knockout K1200 based display for the annual Indianapolis Dealer Show.



The Gary’s story for the magazine begins below:

Brad Newsham’s book, “Take Me With You: A Round-The-World Adventure To Invite a Stranger Home“, about traveling the globe meeting strangers, one of whom offered an all-expenses paid trip to visit America struck a chord with me.… Read the rest


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What’s in your toolbox? Clymer Manuals Honda CRF230 service manual covers all 2003-2013 versions of this simple but fun, nearly bulletproof, air-cooled Honda dirt bike. Like every Clymer manual, it is written specifically for home users and enthusiasts, with clear pictures and explanations in plain English. Unlike OEM factory service manuals, which are designed for the professional, Clymer Manuals are written with the do-it-yourself mechanic in mind, not the expert. But many experts still swear by them! The most important tool in your tool box may be your Clymer manual, get one today.


If you enjoy riding a Honda CRF230F, CRF230L, or CRF230M, you ought to get the Clymer motorcycle service manual to help with maintenance, troubleshooting & repair.… Read the rest

Video: The Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2017

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As we ring in the new year, this video looks back at 2017 and lists the best motorcycle helmets of the year. Do you need a new helmet? Even if you have never crashed in it, or even dropped it, if it is nearing ten years old it is time to replace it. And ten years is for helmets that don’t see much use and get stored out of the weather and sun. If you use yours all the time, five years is a long time, and the energy absorbing foam may no longer be at its best.

Revzilla Picks the Best Motorcycle Helmets of 2017

Most people don’t have the luxury of being able to try on every motorcycle helmet available this year, and take it for a test ride to find their best helmet.… Read the rest

1996-2000 Suzuki RM125 Motorcycle Manual

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What’s in your toolbox? Clymer Manuals are written specifically for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, not the expert mechanic. But many experts still swear by them! Thanks to the spark of passion from early motorcycle enthusiast Floyd Clymer, our founder, we understand motorcycles and motorcyclists. Learn to take proper care of your 1996-2000 Suzuki RM125 motorcross bike with our Suzuki RM125 Manual, and you will be faster and more consistent at the track. This book details not only routine maintenance and service, but full engine and suspension overhauls as well. Unlike OEM factory service manuals, which are written for the professional motorcycle mechanic and full of professional jargon, Clymer shop manuals detail every step of the job with understandable descriptions and plenty of pictures. These books are designed specifically for the first time mechanic who wants to keep their dirt bike running right.… Read the rest

Santa Kleb on a Motorcycle Hands Out Presents

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The Kleb is a YouTube star who is 100% outgoing and loves to ride his Yamaha R1 motorcycle. For a couple of years now ha has strapped on the GoPro and a Santa Claus hat and ridden around handing our presents to random strangers. Considering the way most internet stars these days revel in cruel pranks, and many people in the real world are afraid of strangers, it sure is nice to have someone like Kleb spreading the joy. The holiday season is all about giving and this man shows that.… Read the rest

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

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This video from FortNine is a great guide to the best Motorcycling rain gear.

Here is the transcript if you want to read through it again or print it.  Thank you Fort Nine 

I’m Ryan Fortnine and this is how I gear up for rainy weather. Now I ride in mesh pants year-round and in my side case, I keep icons PDX rain bib. Now this set-up gives me a whole lot of range for my money, because I have mesh for the summer, rain pants for the rain, and then when it gets cold in the fall or the spring, I layer up with the rain pants again to stay warm.… Read the rest

Best 2017 Motorcycles from the Long Beach International Show

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HoohooHoblin is a lot of fun to listen to as he walks around the 2016 Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, looking for the best new (and returning) bikes for 2017. If you prefer to read along while you watch the video, here’s a transcript of the best 2017 motorcycles video:

These are the best motorcycles at the 2017 motorcycle show. According to me, your opinion may differ, but we had a great time down in Long Beach looking at bikes.

BMW RnineT

The Germans have come up with a new RnineT that looks like the old adventure bikes, but it is the street nimble RnineT.… Read the rest