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How to Pack for a Motorcycle Tour

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There is nothing like life on two wheels, whether you started when you were fourteen or forty. Now, getting around town is one thing, but what if you want to go on a tour? You’re going to need to pack a little extra, for sure, but you’ve got limited space on those two wheels. What should you pack and where are you going to put it? If you think you need to pack more, maybe you should take the car.

The Absolute Essentials

You should already have some of the essentials of motorcycle gear on your ride, such a tool kit, can of Fix-a-Flat, and an air pump.… Read the rest

Look Abroad for These Epic Motorcycle Routes

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The world is… different on two wheels. Thrilling, to be sure, but riding is more than this – riding is freedom. Who of us isn’t transported to far off places whenever watching epic films and documentaries – “I’d love to take that for a ride.” Sometimes, we watch other people take that ride, Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Round or Motorcycle Diaries come to mind, and we think, “Why can’t I do that?”

These days it’s easier than ever to write your own motorcycle diary. Today’s roads and guides are safer and more accessible than ever before, and some truly iconic road trips await.… Read the rest

Iconic Motorcycle Trips – Summer on Route 66

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Have you ever dreamed of reliving the song “Route 66,” riding down one of the US’s most iconic highways on two-wheeled freedom? Keep reading, because we’re going to help you plan that motorcycle road trip, this summer, so you can cruise the iconic Route 66 and see all the sights along the way.

Route 66 is most likely the highway you think of when you consider a road trip across the US. There are many movies that portray it as a scenic, exciting, and easy drive. While there are parts of it that would hold up to that ideal, there are many parts that would not, especially for a motorcycle.… Read the rest

US Has Plenty of Wide Open Roads to Travel

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When bikers think of the ultimate motorcycle tour, odds are they cover the famous gatherings, like Sturgis and Daytona. However, the United States offers so much more. If you like technical rides, wide beautiful or varied scenery, one of a kind stops, or all of the above, the USA is a huge country with a lot to offer motorcyclists.

With all the wide open roads, vast vistas, thousands of scenic routes, and surprisingly low traffic density, it’s no wonder that bikers from other countries routinely make the trip to the USA, just to get some epic seat time. Foreign motorcycle enthusiasts might not speak English, but the enthusiasm of a motorcyclist needs no words and crosses cultural divides.… Read the rest

Planning Your Spring Road Trip

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While some areas of the country as still snowed under, spring is coming, and no time is too early to start planning those long distance trips. No matter what you ride, there are several common factors to consider before heading out. We love the details, so check out this handy guide for everything from bike prep to route planning, and enjoy the ride.

Route Planning

There are all kinds of great sights to see from the road, or to stop and visit for a while. If you don’t have a dedicated route planned, just a destination, check out a detailed road map and see what is available on the back-roads.… Read the rest

Scenic Fall Road Trips

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Mother Nature puts on quite a show this time of year. The changing colors make for beautiful scenery, but also serve as a reminder that, in some parts of the country, riding season is coming to an end. Get out there and experience a great fall road trip, before it’s time to let your motorcycle hibernate. Here are five solid recommendations.

Route 112, NH

The classic foliage road in the classic leaf peeping state. The 56 miles of east/west highway wind through the White Mountain National Forest. The views are long, offering sloping tree-covered hills, while the highway’s plenty of viewpoints and excellent road maintenance make this a biker’s dream.… Read the rest