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Getting Your Snowmobile Ready for Winter

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If you are one of the many that dumped your snowmobile in a corner of the garage and walked away for the summer, you have some work to do. Not to worry, your sled can be saved from a lack of off-season storage prep, but it will take a bit of work now to make your riding season fun and uneventful. Take a look as we cover how to get your snowmobile ready for winter and back on the snow.

Prepare For Winter Use

First, while it’s still warm outside, thoroughly wash your machine. This helps it look nice, but more importantly gets you up close and personal with any defects or damage.… Read the rest

Snowmobile Racing Videos

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Snowmobile season brings not just outdoor fun in the snow, but actual racing.  Some people race for fun while others race in organized events for prizes and bragging rights.  But did you know that not all snowmobile racing takes place in the snow?

You didn’t?

Snowmobile racers have taken their machines off the snow and tackled some interesting challenges over the years

Watch as snowmobiles race on the water:

Would you bet on a snowmobile beating a Ferrari — on dry land?

Or maybe you want to watch more traditional snowmobile racing, this time from a rider’s POV? Check out this (long) video of a cross-country race via GOPRO:

Do you race your snowmobile?… Read the rest

Snowmobile Maintenance

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For some of our readers, snowmobile season is wrapping up, but for others, it still has a few months to go. With that in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at your machine. A few moments in the garage will help ensure the rest of the season is just as great as the start.

Track tension – The track needs the right amount of tension, not too tight or too loose. Too tight will cause damage to your suspension, and too loose will cause a loss of performance. Also check for wear, and replace if needed.

Ski alignment – Just as in a car, needing an alignment will decrease performance and can be hazardous.… Read the rest

Bargain Machine or Lead Sled? A Quick Guide for Used Snowmobiles

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Let’s say you have decided to join the awesome and ever-expanding world of snow machines. If this is your first time, odds are you are looking at used, and that’s a good choice. A new Yamaha or Polaris is a great buy, but a used sled can be a great value, if you know what to look for. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide for buying a used snowmobile.

Shows, Dealers, Private Party, Oh My!

Odds are you know where to find a good local sled. If not, the absolute best places to look for quality “pre-loved” snow machines are at trade shows, expos, and your local dealer.… Read the rest

18 Tips for New Snowmobilers

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Buying your first snow machine, or getting one for the kiddos? If you remember back to when you first started driving, it seemed like there was so much to remember and pay attention to while on the road. Snowmobiling is the same experience and can be intimidating for the newbie, so take a look at these quick tips.

Plan out the expenses. The snow machine is just part of the cost. You will need riding gear, insurance, maintenance and wear items, and fuel. Speaking of fuel, use quality gas. Buy the proper octane rating from a national chain, and try to minimize the use of gas blended with ethanol (it is labelled E-10).… Read the rest

Buying Your First Snowmobile

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If your buddies are tired of you borrowing their sled, it’s time to buy your own. There’s a lot to consider before you plunk down your hard earned cash and ride off into the forest. Take a look at this quick guide before your first ride.

Before you Buy

Buying a snowmobile is like buying a car, or any big purchase. The first step is to narrow down the choices. Are you looking for a snow blasting hot rod, or a utility sled that can do work? If this is your first time out, take a look at the entry-level rides.… Read the rest