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The Tractor’s Early Years – Farming Meets the Industrial Revolution

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Before the industrial revolution began, all farming was done by man or beast. That was soon to change, though, once engineers figured out how to make diesel and gasoline engines mobile. What led to this accomplishment? Let’s take a brief look at the early history of industrial tractors.

Though farming has been a part of human living for as long as humans have been on this earth, the amount of national dependency had not been so high as the mid-1800s. With the population of the world growing, and more specifically the US, the need for farmers to work quickly and efficiently had never been so dire.… Read the rest

Maintaining your Mower

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Lawn mowers are typically the home owner’s most expensive outdoor tool. While zero-turn riders understandably cost thousands of dollars, even simple push mowers can cost hundreds to replace. Let’s cover a few ways to reduce the odds of expensive maintenance or replacement, and keep your mower sharp.

Blade — The blade is probably the single most important part of the mower, as everything else is pointless without it. Make sure it is free of bends, dents, and cracks. Take a close look at your lawn after cutting. Are the blades of grass ragged where the mower cut it? If so, your blade needs sharpening.… Read the rest