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Travis Pastrana Aims to Recreate Evel Knievel’s Jumps

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As I type this, the great Travis Pastrana and his Nitro Circus crew are at an undisclosed location in Southern California. They are running practice drills and jumps for his live three hour TV special coming up on July 8th from Vegas called “Evel Live“. Pastrana will recreate three of the iconic jumps that Evel Knievel did in his prime, including one that nearly killed him. A few of these stunts have been recreated before, but never on a heavy flat track bike like the one Evel originally rode.




Pastrana has just the bike, The Indian Scout based FTR750 which is similar in many respects to the Harley-Davidson Sportster based XR750 that Knievel did most of his jumps on, including weight and (limited) suspension travel.… Read the rest

Best 2017 Motorcycles from the Long Beach International Show

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HoohooHoblin is a lot of fun to listen to as he walks around the 2016 Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, looking for the best new (and returning) bikes for 2017. If you prefer to read along while you watch the video, here’s a transcript of the best 2017 motorcycles video:

These are the best motorcycles at the 2017 motorcycle show. According to me, your opinion may differ, but we had a great time down in Long Beach looking at bikes.

BMW RnineT

The Germans have come up with a new RnineT that looks like the old adventure bikes, but it is the street nimble RnineT.… Read the rest

Top Five Motorcycles to Look for in 2016

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If you were worried that 2016 was going to be a drag in the motorcycle world, compared to 2015, then your worries are about to be alleviated. Motorcycle manufacturers are pulling out all the stops for 2016, with a motorcycle lineup built to impress. Looking to see what it has to offer? Look no further! Here are the top five 2016 motorcycles we have been looking forward to, for this new calendar year.

 As I believe the near-century old company deserves, we should start with the 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. The Scout Sixty is a well-priced, up-scale, motorcycle, and is absolutely a must-watch for 2016.… Read the rest

Clymer at the Barber Vintage Festival

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Lovers of vintage bikes gather every November in Birmingham, Alabama. The 11th Annual Barber Vintage Festival took place October 9th-11th at the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum and the Clymer team was there.

This year’s event was a tribute to the legendary John Britten, a motorcycle designer from New Zealand with 10 Britten bikes on view. It also included a motorcycle swap meet and the “Race of the Century” featuring motorcycles that are all over 100 years old. There was regular racing (road and dirt), a parade of bikes, art, music, “thrill shows,” and plenty of fun for all age groups.

In addition to having a booth throughout the three-day event, Clymer gave away several manuals as prizes for some of the events (see photos of winners above & left).… Read the rest

Fastest Motorcycles in the World

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Speed matters when it comes to choosing a motorcycle. Every year various publishers create their own lists of the fastest street legal motorcycle. For the past several years that distinction has gone to the Dodge Tomahawk.  You can buy this motorcycle, which reaches speeds of 350 mph, you just can’t ride that fast on any street or highway.

There are several other street bikes that can exceed 200 mph. Take a look at one list of the top 10 fastest bikes in 2015:

To actually set a speed record you have to look at specially designed vehicles. They are classified as a “motorcycle,” but they don’t look much like the bikes you see on the street.  The current record holder for “fastest motorcycle” is the Ack Attack Streamliner by Top Oil.… Read the rest

DIY with Chilton Manuals

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When it comes to DIY car repair on of the most well-known names is Chilton.  Those of you looking solid repair and maintenance information for your car, truck, or SUV can now go to this site:

One of the reasons that Chilton Manuals are so popular is that they are created by tearing down newer model cars.  Every year the experts at Chilton disassemble and  then rebuild a number of models, documenting the entire process.  The result is step-by-step instructions for virtually any conceivable repair or maintenance issue, complete with diagrams and photos.

These books aren’t made for professional mechanics.  Chilton’s experts make sure that every repair can be done with common tools that the average DIYer will have on hand.… Read the rest