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Motorcycle Safety Videos

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As Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month draws to a close, let’s share some tips on driving — and riding — safely. Remember that while bikers are only 3% of the traffic, they account for 14% of road fatalities. It’s up to both motorcycle riders and the other 97% of traffic (car, truck, & other drivers) to be aware of each other and drive safely.

First up is a video to help drivers be aware of motorcycles. It features an experience biker teaching a teen driver the basics of sharing the road with motorcycles.


Next up is a compilation of six important safety tips for riding a motorcycle:

Lastly, if you have time to invest, this long form video clocks in at over 50 minutes.… Read the rest

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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Spring is here, and the excellent warm weather is bringing out motorcyclists around the country. While spring is usually perfect for riding, there are numerous hazards out on the road. This May, take some time to make sure you are riding safely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration designated May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in an effort to have all motorists, two and four wheeled, sharing the road and keeping an eye out for motorcyclists. Just as car and truck drivers need to remember to share the road, motorcyclists can take this opportunity to make themselves visible to other drivers.… Read the rest

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

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Motorcycles are a blast to ride, and riders share a commonality in their perspective, their view of the road, that few drivers on four wheels can understand. Yes, there are the feelings of freedom and agility, but in reality, there is also danger. Statistically, a motorcyclist involved in an accident is more likely to be seriously hurt or killed than a driver in a car going the same speed. So during Motorcycle Awareness Month, let’s talk sharing the road.

From the car driver’s perspective, realize you are likely a bad driver. Well, not a bad driver, but you are most likely a trained driver.… Read the rest

Motorcycle Safety Video

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It’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and that means everyone is sharing tips and warnings to help keep the roads safe for motorcycles during the spring and summer driving season.

The video below was created a few years ago, but it offers some important tips from experienced riders as well as some harrowing stories of crashes.  Their goal is to help you avoid having a crash story of your own.

Some of the key points: 1) prepare your bike, 2) dress for the crash, 3) stay alert, 4) practice emergency braking.


Read the rest

Motorcycle Awareness Month

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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month.

Why do we need a month dedicated to motorcyclists’ safety? For some very sobering facts: since 1997, motorcyclist deaths have nearly doubled. The NHTSA reports there were 4,957 bikers killed in traffic accidents in 2012, the most recent year data has been analyzed. If this trend continues, we are headed for well over 5,000 fatalities this year. Motorcycles are less than 3% of registered vehicles in the US, but account for 15% of all traffic fatalities.

May brings nice weather, and thus motorcycles on the road, so let’s quickly recover the basics and be motorcycle aware.… Read the rest