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Beginners Guide on How to Ride a Motorcycle – Video

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This video is a beginners guide to riding motorcycles. It gives information on motorcycle gear, basic controls, how to get on the bike, riding, shifting, steering and braking. All things you should know before starting to ride a motorcycle. Safety is of prime importance when riding so its a good idea to find a qualified instructor before heading out on the raod.

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The Latest in Motorcycle Helmet Design

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There seems to be this constant debate between motorcycle helmet advocates and riders who would rather not wear them. Even in the states that require helmets, there are plenty of riders who refuse to put them on. On the other hand, even if the rest of the country, were motorcycle helmet use isn’t mandated, there are plenty of riders who choose to wear them.

That is not what this article is about, and we’re not going to push you into wearing or not wearing them, though the statistics seem convincing that motorcycle helmet use is the safer option. What if your motorcycle helmet did more than just protect your head in case of an accident?… Read the rest

Motorcycle Boot Basics

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Because riding exposes you to the elements and certain dangers, motorcycle riding gear is quite a bit more intensive than driving a car or truck, which isn’t to say that we haven’t seen – nor unsee – drivers, riders, and passengers with none at all. Now, you could put on a jacket, gloves, boots, and helmet, and ride to your heart’s content. On the other hand, if you want to be comfortable and protected, motorcycle-specific riding gear is an absolute must.

Some riding gear is obviously riding gear, such as gloves with carbon-fiber knuckle protection or certain off-road motorcycle boots. On the other hand, some gear is designed to look and feel like everyday wear, so some people wonder, “Why spend the extra money on a glorified leather work boot?”

Interestingly, while a typical heavy work boot and motorcycle boot have some things in common, they are not built with the same requirements in mind.… Read the rest

How New Motorcycle Legislation Might Affect Your Future Ride

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As in most sectors, motorcycle legislation is changing all the time. Many riders simply roll with the changes, while others would like to see them implemented slower or not at all.

Europe Sets the Standard

With over eight million registered motorcycles in the US, sometimes we forget that we’re not first in the world when it comes to two-wheel revolution. Indeed, what spirit of freedom and rebellion would there be if it was the other way around, 256 million bikes and just 8 million cars?

That’s why looking to the EU and other parts of the world can give us a good idea of where motorcycle legislation is going.… Read the rest

Motorcycle Helmet Laws – Video

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Here is a video from PBS pondering why even though the death toll rates are increasing – more and more states are repealing and relaxing helmet laws.  Motorcycle helmet laws vary widely among the states and many have changed in the past 50 years.  Here is a website with a map that shows the states and their laws.   Some have the universal helmet laws, some are restricted to certain motorcyclists and some have no motorcycle helmet use law.

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Motorcycle Safety Videos

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As Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month draws to a close, let’s share some tips on driving — and riding — safely. Remember that while bikers are only 3% of the traffic, they account for 14% of road fatalities. It’s up to both motorcycle riders and the other 97% of traffic (car, truck, & other drivers) to be aware of each other and drive safely.

First up is a video to help drivers be aware of motorcycles. It features an experience biker teaching a teen driver the basics of sharing the road with motorcycles.


Next up is a compilation of six important safety tips for riding a motorcycle:

Lastly, if you have time to invest, this long form video clocks in at over 50 minutes.… Read the rest

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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Spring is here, and the excellent warm weather is bringing out motorcyclists around the country. While spring is usually perfect for riding, there are numerous hazards out on the road. This May, take some time to make sure you are riding safely.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration designated May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in an effort to have all motorists, two and four wheeled, sharing the road and keeping an eye out for motorcyclists. Just as car and truck drivers need to remember to share the road, motorcyclists can take this opportunity to make themselves visible to other drivers.… Read the rest