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Fixing Your Honda with a Clymer Repair Manual

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Some might consider one hand tool or another to be the most important in the toolbox, but it’s more likely that neither of the two most important tools you can have would fit there. Of course, we’re talking about your brain and a repair manual – both would get dirty or damaged in the average DIY toolbox. The reason we say this is because no matter what tools you own or what mechanical aptitude you have, you can’t really fix your Honda without the specific information only a Honda repair manual can provide. Without a repair manual, at best, you might waste some time or break something.… Read the rest

Don’t Go Without a Motorcycle Repair Manual!

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Years ago, you didn’t have to be a genius to work on cars or motorcycles. Even if you were mildly mechanically inclined and had a few tools, you could probably diagnose and repair most problems on the average bike. Today, things are a little different. Just like electronic systems have taken over control of the automotive sector, albeit quite a bit earlier, the modern bike is more complex than it ever has been. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that motorcycles are becoming harder to work on.

Still, motorcycles aren’t all that complicated, so in addition to your mechanical aptitude and toolbox, have you considered adding a motorcycle repair manual to your toolbox?… Read the rest

DIY Guy, Why Should You Invest in a Repair Manual?

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The most popular people at any party are doctors and mechanics – everyone has health concerns and car problems, after all. Even if you’re just a do-it-yourselfer, there always seems to be someone who’s looking for advice. If you’ve got the mechanical aptitude and the tools, there are a lot of things that you can fix on your own vehicle, and many of them are not so complicated that you’d need a manual to do so. On the other hand, should you consider buying a repair manual for your vehicle?

Indeed, there are a few reasons that you should invest in a repair manual, particularly if you’re a DIYer working on one or two personal vehicles.… Read the rest

Free Advice Can Cost You

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The internet is a great place to get information and advice, but when you’re dealing with the complicated machinery of an engine, forums filled with advice from random people may not be the best place to start.

Haynes recently did a review of automotive advice in forums and found that “two-thirds of the free advice was found to be incorrect or missing information.” The advice was reviewed by ASE certified mechanics who warned that some of the advice could end up costing DIYers thousands of dollars. So much for it being free.

Read the entire article, including a review of OEM manuals and an explanation of the process Haynes uses to create its manuals here:

BTW, if the Haynes process looks familiar, that’s because Clymer writes our manuals the same way.… Read the rest

Clymer Updates Coverage for Yamaha Royal Star Now Covering 1996-2013

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Clymer has just updated their coverage of Yamaha Royal Star now covering all models from 1996-2013. Part number M374-2.

This print manual is an in-depth look at the motorcycle, with over 400 pages of technical information, illustrations, and photos. It has everything you’ve come to expect from Clymer manuals, including basic maintenance information, a trouble shooting guide, and a detailed look at each of the bike’s systems.

Armed with step-by-step directions, you can do all sorts of repairs yourself or rebuild a bike from the inside out. As with all our manuals, you can complete most tasks using common tools and we offer plenty of workarounds to make each fix as simple as possible.… Read the rest