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Operation Dry Water

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At the end of June, officials all over the country participated in “Operation Dry Water.”  The goal was to put thousands of law enforcement officers on local waters to crack down on Boating Under the Influence (BUI) prior to the national holiday.

Founded by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators the program is designed to increase education about the dangers of BUI as well as catch drunk boaters before there is an accident. Last year more than 500 agencies participated and over 144K boaters were contacted. Officers arrested nearly 300 boaters and issued over 4900 citations.

Since the annual event started in 2009 the number of alcohol-caused boater deaths has decreased 37%.… Read the rest

Safe Boating Week

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This week is a great time to think about safety on the water.  May 17th – 23rd is National Safe Boating Week.

Last year there was a decrease in boating fatalities, but the numbers are still high.  Over 4,000 accidents were reported by the Coast Guard including 2,600 injuries and 560 deaths.  Recreational boating accidents were responsible for an estimated $39 million dollars in damages.

More startling: 84% of those who drowned in a boating accident were not wearing a life jacket.  Only 13% of fatal accidents occurred with an operator who had received safety training. Think about that. 87% of boating accidents that resulted in death were in boats where the operator failed to take a simple safety course.… Read the rest