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ATV Daredevil

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The word “daredevil” is usually reserved for motorcycle riders who do amazing jumps. Every now and then someone driving a car or truck might earn the label, but what about ATV riders? They do stunts and jumps that are pretty amazing too.

Henry Rife, aka “the Pitbull” has done just that.  He started out doing jumps for the thrill of it in his hometown in Ohio. His fame spread outside the state and in 2007 he jumped 7 NYC taxis on the David Letterman Show. Then in 2014 he was one of three modern daredevils featured in “Heirs to the Dare,” a TV show that positioned three modern riders as heirs to the daredevil tradition of legends such as Evel Knievel.… Read the rest

Clymer Releases New Manual for Honda TRX420 Rancher 2007-2014

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Clymer has just released a new manual covering the Honda TRX420 Rancher from 2007-2014. Part Number M202.

This print manual is an in-depth look at the ATV, with over 400 pages of technical information, illustrations, and photos. It has everything you’ve come to expect from Clymer manuals, including basic maintenance information, a trouble shooting guide, and a detailed look at each of the bike’s systems.

Armed with step-by-step directions, you can do all sorts of repairs yourself or rebuild a bike from the inside out. As with all our manuals, you can complete most tasks using common tools and we offer plenty of workarounds to make each fix as simple as possible.… Read the rest

Different Types of ATVs

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ATVs are as varied as their riders, all with different acceleration, rider and cargo capacities, handling characteristics, and ground clearance. With all these options, how do you keep it all straight? Fortunately, the ATV market is broken into some fairly straightforward segments.


If you are an avid hunter, camper, or own a ranch or farm, odds are you have spent some time on one of these big guys. The muscled up utility class is designed to be tough enough for serious work, and buyers responded by making this the most popular class of quads in North America. UTVs have a bigger engine than most other ATVs, which provides a ton of torque for crossing the worst terrain.… Read the rest

Get your ATV Ready for Spring!

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It’s a beautiful day and you head outside excited for an off-road adventure. You get on your quad and fire it up – only, it doesn’t start. After multiple tries it will crank, but not start. Your day of riding is over before it even started. What went wrong? You forgot the spring tune-up. Follow along as we get you ready for warm weather riding.

Change your oil, if you did not during winter service. Use the proper weight, to the fill level, and don’t be a cheapo; change the oil filter too.

While you are down there, take a look at the spark plugs, hoses, and belts, and replace as needed.… Read the rest

Buying a Used ATV

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Buying a used quad can be as fun as buying a used car. While the machines are very different, there can be the same smarmy dealership experience, and the potential for getting ripped off by buying someone else’s problems. Before you plop down your heard earned cash, let’s look at some good to know advice.

First, remember that you are buying a used machine, and it likely will not be perfect. This is not a bad deal, as the price comes down as wear goes up. Looking at ATVs on a budget? You can buy one 10 years old for a great price, and it won’t be pretty, but it could have many years of dependable riding left.… Read the rest

Winterizing Your ATV

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It’s almost time to head south and spend winter riding through southern Texas and New Mexico. If that isn’t an option for you, proper winter prep can keep your ATV in great condition. Just this little bit of work now will make next spring’s pre-season maintenance a breeze. Think of this as the big tune-up, assemble your parts, and go down the list.


Gasoline, left over several months, will change its chemical composition. This is due to elements in the gas evaporating, making your machine run poorly, a common sign of “bad gas.” Fortunately, this is easily corrected with a couple dollars’ worth of fuel stabilizer, and filling the gas tank.… Read the rest

Ongoing ATV Maintenance

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Enjoying the riding season this year? We’re a bit past the halfway point, so it might be a good time to take a look at your ride to make sure there are no problems down the trail. Here’s some simple reminders about what to look at before your next ride.


When was the last oil change? If it’s been 6 months, or you have been riding hard and/or a lot, it is probably due. It’s cheap preventative maintenance to the ATV’s most critical and expensive components. Be sure to tighten the drain bolt to the proper torque. If the bolt is too loose, it’ll come out, and you won’t enjoy losing that on a rough ride.… Read the rest

ATV Tricks & Stunts

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Ever wonder what experienced, professional quad drivers can do on their machines?  While most drivers can do some simple tricks, more advanced stunts require skill, planning, and lots and lots of practice.

Even if you’re not going to attempt these at home (and you probably shouldn’t), it’s sure fun to watch others. The two videos below let driver show off their skills. First up is a driver doing some solo tricks. Then check out a French team of stunt drivers and their carefully choreographed tricks.


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Top ATV Destinations

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Trails, and thus off-roading, varies by the location. The amount of mud or the scenic views are important, but so is the wildlife and the experience of seeing something new. If you’re in one of these regions this summer, hit up these trails for a great ride whether you have a vintage ATV or a newer model.

Hungry Valley SVRA

Located just a short drive north of LA, the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area offers one of the best off-road experiences in California. There’s 19,000 acres of varied terrain. Elevation ranges from 2,000 feet above sea level, up to just over 8,000 feet.… Read the rest

ATV Safety

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It’s summertime, which means more people are taking their ATV out into the wild to have a good time with family and friends.  With the increase in off-roading activity, the issue of safety becomes more important — especially to families with young riders who go ATVing together.

Over the weekend Olympic champion Amy Van Dyken-Rouen severed her spinal chord in an ATV accident. She is recovering, but the accident calls attention to the risk associated with driving an off-road vehicle.

The two videos below offer some safety tips for ATV riders, especially young riders & families who ride together.

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