Boating Gifts for Every Budget

Have you got a boater on your “nice” list, but don’t know what to get them? Boating is a large pastime with many participants, and the market has responded to fill catalogs with everything from the super useful or whimsical, to the downright stupid. This quick list has everything from super cheap, to less so, and none of it is junk. Take a look, for the best boat gifts this holiday season.

Under $25

Clothing – Everyone loves a T-shirt with a witty saying, and there are plenty out there for boaters. Check Amazon for “Captain Awesome,” “What happens on the boat, stays on the boat,” and “I’d rather be boating.” Classic captain’s hats run all of about $10, and add a fun feel to any boat, and of course, everyone loves a good boat shoe. For a more sentimental gift, buy a quality polo and have the name of the boat embroidered on the back. The captain will wear it constantly.

powerboat manualTools – Ironwood Pacific makes the DeckMate 6-in-1 boat tool. This is the Swiss Army Knife of boat tools, only without all the foldyness.  The DeckMate 6-in-1 is six of the most commonly used boat tools in one handy device. Also handy for a day on the water is a good set of knowledge. Subscriptions to boat/yacht/watersports magazines are cheap and a great way to learn from experts, and the gift stays new throughout the year. For the ultimate boat engine reference, check out our manuals.  They are available for nearly every common marine engine, and are filled with everything from basic maintenance and torque specs, to complete troubleshooting and repair guides.

Under $100

Maintain & Upgrade – Make an older boat new again by refreshing it, inside and out. Marine 31 makes a ton of great products, and packages many of them in handy kits. One of the best is their Vinyl & Fabric Complete Care Kit, as it offers everything needed to clean, prepare, and protect your vinyl, canvas, and fabric surfaces. Gel Coat Labs offers a boat wash and one-step micro-polish and seal kit that will keep the wet side looking perfect. Whether you are looking to clean, shine, or protect leather, chrome, glass or even teak, it’s available as a maintenance kit that is handy and appreciated.

Even More Tools – Marine binoculars are useful for spotting everything from jumping fish to boating buddies. While high end optics reach well over $100, you can find quality marine binoculars at this price. Take a look at Bushnell’s lineup of water proof, fog proof binoculars. If your boater needs general boating tools, checkout the line of marine offerings from GreatNeck. Available in 65 and 125 pieces, the mariner’s tool sets offer everything you could need for well under $100.

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