The Best US Lakes for Boating

lake washingtonThere are over 100,000 lakes in the USA. If you tried every single one of them for a day, you would need over 270 years to visit them all. Not a bad way to live. However, since we don’t have that kind of time, just be sure to visit this list of the most awesome boating lakes in the country. Try for one or two during boating season and eventually you’ll see them all.

Lake Washington, WA

This oblong lake is minutes from downtown Seattle, and has tons of access points. The location offers city backdrops on the west, forested hills on the east, and you can see Mount Rainer to the south. Salmon and bass are excellent catches, and the weather is better than most of western Washington. It’s also 22 miles long, so if you enjoy running flat out, this is the place.

Clear Lake, CA

Nearly 70 square miles of water gather in California’s largest natural lake. It’s as clear as the name implies, and due to year-round seasonal weather, plus outflow controlled by a dam, it is always the same depth. Brown bullhead and Large-mouth bass are plentiful, and the surrounding countryside looks like it came out of a California travel brochure.

Lake Placid, NY

Sure, it may remind you of a terrible ‘90s movie, and really it’s not all that big. But what Lake Placid lacks in size, it makes up for with charm. The trees and hills of upstate New York are dotted with charming old-world homes. The off-season is long up here, so if you don’t mind coming when the kids are in school, you will find serenity. And lots of trout.

Lake Okeechobee, FL

This is one big ol’ lake. Due to geographical location, and the surrounding climate and flora, the Big O is really quite shallow for a lake, averaging about 10 feet. While the snorkeling is lacking, the power sports are excellent. There’s sunfish, bass, and bluegill, and the year-round fabulous Florida weather. This one os less about the scenic views, and more about the activities, but you can’t really go wrong in Florida.

lake tahoe boatingLake Tahoe, CA/NV

Splitting the border of California and Nevada, sits this incredibly clear lake. While Lake Tahoe is a big tourist attraction, the lake is so massive you can find your alone time even on the 4th of July. Tahoe is 191 square miles, and has an average depth over 1000 feet. Snorkeling anyone? No matter what you’re looking for, it’s here. From party boaters and frat camps, to upscale dining and expensive lodges, Lake Tahoe has what you’re looking for.

Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Pretty much on everybody’s list: Lake of the Ozarks. This winding man-made lake is actually a reservoir, created about a century ago. The “Winding Dragon” offers depth stability, catfish are great, and the surrounding Ozarks countryside is unbelievably beautiful. There are tourist towns right on the water, and water sports aplenty. If you’re looking for a rowdy time, head over to party cove.

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