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Best 2017 Motorcycles from the Long Beach International Show

HoohooHoblin is a lot of fun to listen to as he walks around the 2016 Long Beach International Motorcycle Show, looking for the best new (and returning) bikes for 2017. If you prefer to read along while you watch the video, here’s a transcript of the best 2017 motorcycles video:

These are the best motorcycles at the 2017 motorcycle show. According to me, your opinion may differ, but we had a great time down in Long Beach looking at bikes.

BMW RnineT

The Germans have come up with a new RnineT that looks like the old adventure bikes, but it is the street nimble RnineT. Well you might say, “Well that’s not a real adventure bike, a real adventure bike has blah, blah, blah,” but look at the chunky tires. Look at the big offer offender. Look at the simple instrumentation. It’s beautiful machine. So they’ve taken their RnineT, kind of street café racer standard bike and they’ve made it a little bit more adventurey, with the classic 1970s, 1980s color scheme from the old adventure bikes, very nice.

Honda Rebel

And next, Honda Rebel. You’re saying that’s an old bike. Well, you’re right! Look at what’s happened to the rebel. They’ve come with a catchy new logo to attract the hipster crowd and look at this style! Same little parallel twin engine, but a whole new kind of young Hubble looking modern retro Nouveau hipster fantastic plastic, sparse Spartan kind of style. And if you want to customize it, check it out. You can put stripes on it, you can put a brown scene on it, you can paint shark teeth on it or you can put some big old BMX style ape hangers on it and bomb it out. So there you go.

Ducati 1299 Superleggera and Scrambler

Next, the Ducati. This Ducati two-wheeler is a roto-tiller, so there you go. The Ducati rototiller, but if you want a real Ducati, there you go. The Superleggera 1299. $12.99 is not the price, the price is probably double or triple that. But there you go. You wanna go fast, like the Italian Ricky Bobby Ricardo Bobbino, this is your bike! And if you like to go slow and you want a Ducati and you like to go on the dirt, there you go. The Ducati scrambler. There’s another one of my favorites, looks like a ton of fun to ride!

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S and Indian Chief

Next, I always loved Low Rider best of all. Every time they go to the Harley booth, it’s my favorite bike. So they got this on a blacked-out Mario Brothers mushroom, air cleaner and just keeping it simple for years and years and years. A low-rider will always be a little rider. If you like the Buick of motorcycles, there you go. Big, fat, obnoxious shiny chrome on this Indian. It’s just, it’s hard to describe how gigantic this thing is unless you’re standing right next to it, but it just silly big and it would be a lot of fun to take for a ride. They do have bikes that aren’t as porky as this, but man! Look at the shiny, look at the big, look at the fat.

Suzuki VanVan 200

If you’re tired of looking at all of the fat and shiny, let’s check out this little guy. It’s the all-new Suzuki Van Van 200 for 2017. Sold for $4,599. So this is a cute little enduro bike that you can ride on the street and it is little in the middle and it impacts much back with this fat back tire and looks like just a lot of fun to ride on and off the road and around town. Probably not on the freeway though. It hasn’t changed in decades but it’s still one of my favorite bikes for 2017, even though it hasn’t changed a bit. It doesn’t need to change. If you need to go more than 45 miles an hour, this is not your bike, but if you like 80 miles a gallon, this is your bike.

Kawasaki Jet Ski and Z125 Pro

And now for something completely different, Kawasaki brings back the jet ski. The old stand-up jet ski with the handlebars, so get ready to get wet. I know this isn’t a motorcycle so, sorry. The title of this video is no longer accurate.
The old Kawasaki Z 125, a mini-bike for nostalgic old guys or for ladies with short legs or everybody in-between. The vertically challenged and people who just like to have a lot of fun on a little bike. Now you might be saying, “Hey the Honda Grom is better than this but this one has a racing sticker on it so that means it’s actually more better for racing than the Honda Grom would be. So yeah, obviously a ripoff of the Honda Grom by Kawasaki, but neat little bike nonetheless. Like a baby ninja. Solving from mirror $2,999.

Yamaha SCR950 Scrambler

And if you’re in the market for a 550-pound flat track replica bike, there you go. The SCR 950 Yamahas. This is the Yamaha bolt, kitted up to look like a flat track Jay Springsteen, dirt-track, terrorist motorcycle. So that is pretty slick, they got the little fly screen, got some skid plates, some chunky tires and got that scrambler look for the guys who are never ever going to take it off the paper. Crikey! They’re motorized a BMX bike!

Indian Scout

And from the Nouveau retro department, from the people at Polaris, the Indian Scout is a beautiful bike. Kind of hybrid between the modern and the classic look. And if you want one that goes fast, step over to the victory booth and they’ve got the same engine in a bike that’s got a little more punch to it and a sportier frame and black look, you can see red lines at 8,000, so it’s not your average cruiser motor. It’s called the octane and that’s from victory and they claim it makes 105 horsepower so that’s enough to have some fun.

Victory Empulse TT

And for riders who can’t stand the smell of gasoline, here’s an electric motorcycle from Victory. It charges in eight hours on a 110 volt connection, so you could ride it to work, plug it in, charge it for free, ride for free, steal electricity from the company, (if that’s the thing we like to do). The styling is nice and the range is over 100 miles so this would be a great commuter bike.

Vanderhall Venice Trike

All right this is all together too shiny. It’s a boat on wheels. Technically if it has three wheels, it is considered a motorcycle by the state of California so this is a little bit of a breach of contract if you look in my description, but this is still technically a motorcycle. So this is called the Venice, by Vanderhall Motorworks. They build fancy tricycles like this.

Kawasaki Z900

And the Z900 from the Kawasaki oxymoron department. We find raw, basic motorcycle. I really like a lot of the 900, kind of not necessarily entry-level but all around good gas mileage, wheelie machine, kind of fun bikes that are coming out now. So this is a great example of that.

Buell 1190 SX

Erik Buell is like Jason from Friday the 13th. He just will not die and his motorcycle company will not die and you gotta respect that. He’s been building beautiful bikes for decades now, no matter what financial stuff comes his way and I really hope he’s successful with this. 1190 SX is a beautiful machine, it looks like a ton of fun to ride, so good luck Erik.

Can-Am Spyder

I’ve always liked the Can-Am Spyder-I know again, it’s not a motorcycle but you got to take one of these for test driving to really appreciate it. I’ve never seen very many on the roads. I don’t know who actually buys them, but they’re a ton of fun so it goes on my list of favorite bikes to see at the show.

Victory Hammer

Stop! Hammer time! So this is the Victory Hammer. I really love this bike because it’s Victory’s own style. You know, they’re not really trying to rip anybody off. They’re got their own look to it. It’s a great functioning bike. As far as I’ve heard from everybody who’s ridden one, they’re reliable. They’re fun to ride, they’ve got great power. And it’s just a great, unique American motorcycle machine. That’s the Hammer S, $18,499 plus tax.

Suzuki Savage/Boulevard S40

And coming in at $5,699, the Suzuki’s savage, now called the Boulevard S40, is one of my favorite bikes of all time and every year, it’s on my favorite bikes list. So here it is again! Why is it good? It’s light, it’s reliable, it’s kind of like riding a bicycle on the street, great for beginners, great for intermediates and people who just want an easy bike to ride.

Kawasaki KLR650

Man, just like the last bike, it doesn’t have to be a new model to be the best bike for 2017. If you’re on a budget, you want to go on adventure and do a riding around the world, KLR 650 from Kawasaki is pretty badass. It’s probably 100 pounds lighter than the BMW or the Yamaha and will get you anywhere you need to go in style, with your luggage, without breaking down. So shout out to the Kawasaki KLR.
Thanks for watching and I will see you at the motorcycle show next year!

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