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The Perfect Off-Season Gift for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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Seasonal changes affect plants, animals, and motorcycle riders much the same. As the weather turns colder, deciduous trees lose their leaves, migratory animals head for warmer southern climes, and riders put their motorcycles away. For those who love to ride, snow and freezing weather couldn’t be more of a downer. To keep from going completely stir crazy, many turn to motorcycle magazines and fond memories, but these can only go so far to ease an itchy throttle hand. One of our manuals makes a great gift for those taking on a winter restoration or improvement project, but what if it is too cold in the garage?… Read the rest

Santa Kleb on a Motorcycle Hands Out Presents

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The Kleb is a YouTube star who is 100% outgoing and loves to ride his Yamaha R1 motorcycle. For a couple of years now ha has strapped on the GoPro and a Santa Claus hat and ridden around handing our presents to random strangers. Considering the way most internet stars these days revel in cruel pranks, and many people in the real world are afraid of strangers, it sure is nice to have someone like Kleb spreading the joy. The holiday season is all about giving and this man shows that.… Read the rest