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Dirt Bike Jumps – Video

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Check out these dirt bike jumps in this video. Please note that there is danger associated with making these types of jumps. It is always advisable to be properly trained, wear safety clothing and a helmet when riding a dirt bike.

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Famous Female Motorcyclists

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Girls need Men to take them places. Women can get there all on their own. – Unknown

We have no idea who said that first, but we think that female motorcycle riders are rockin’, and they’ve been rollin’ pretty much as long as motorcycles have been motorcycles, perhaps even before. The sad fact is that our male-dominated society has repressed female rights, including the right not to be judged for riding, for decades, but times are changing. Still, don’t call them “Biker Chicks,” because lady riders are not outcast rebels or deviants of society, but professionals and capable human beings and stunning riders in their own right – they just happen to be women.… Read the rest