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Top 10 Upcoming Scooters in 2016-2017

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Here is a video showing Car Buyers top 10 upcoming motor scooters for 2016-2017.  There are some pretty cool looking scooters featured.

Included are:

1. Mahindra Gusto 125 2. Honda Lead 125 3. Honda PCX 4. Hero ZIR 5, Hero Dash 6. Yamaha Nozza 7. Piaggio Fy 125 8. Piggio Liberty 125 9. Peugoet django 10.Peugoet speedfight3… Read the rest

Scooter ‘Round the World

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Basic personal transportation is the name of the game and, depending on where you are, it can range from two feet to four wheels. In the US, for example, the car is basic transportation, and there are plenty of people whose first vehicles were a beaten Civic or Blazer. Shift your gaze abroad, however, and it’s a very different story, and cars are a luxury that people just can’t afford. Instead, basic personal transportation is on two wheels, and many people count scooters and motorcycles as their first rides, perhaps their only ride.

Scooters vs Other Transportation

A scooter is basically a two-wheel motorized vehicle, not unlike a motorcycle, but not quite like one either.… Read the rest

American vs Japanese Motorcycles

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If you’ve ever seen how our rider-friends across the sea handle two-wheels, you’ll probably conclude that they’re riding very different bikes. Indeed, they are, because Japanese motorcycles are not American motorcycles, but why? First, as much as there is a vast ocean between the West Coast and Japan, there’s practically a 5,500-mile gap between the way that Americans and the Japanese think about motorcycles, not only what or when to ride, but also how to build them.

Cultural Differences

In the United States, there are very few people who view the motorcycle as a legitimate form of transportation. Instead, Americans buy motorcycles for recreation or for the image.… Read the rest