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British Motorbike History – Norton, Triumph and BSA

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Men and Motors is a British YouTube channel that covers all aspects of “petrolhead” topics, as well as other manly pursuits. If you like super cars, classic cars, sportbikes, vintage motorcycles, or even boats, you’ll find something to like on their channel.

They have a whole series of videos chronicling the history of the British motorcycle industry, from the earliest days, to the rebirth. Of most interest to us though, is this video on the golden age of classic British motorbikes including Norton, Triumph and B.S.A. Join host Jeff Stone as he details the Norton Featherbed frame and roadholder fork, Vincent Black Shadow, B.S.A.… Read the rest

Restoring Antique Vehicles – How to Get Started

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Restoring an antique vehicle can be a fantastically rewarding experience, as you are bringing a once raging beauty back to life. Almost anyone that has done the work and put the effort into restoring an antique vehicle will say it’s tedious, but also well worth the effort. If you are looking to restore an antique vehicle to its former glory, what are the necessary steps to take to make it happen?

Well, for starters, you need to find a vehicle to bring back, one that you want to and also seems feasible to restore. If the car you are hoping to restore is a family heirloom, be sure to do some research into the price of the parts and the value of the vehicle in general.… Read the rest

Plan Your 2016 Rally Schedule Now, You Might Already be Missing Out!

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If you are excited about the upcoming rally year, you won’t be disappointed. The 2016 rally racing season is jam packed with races against the elements. Whether you want to see a rally take place on a snow track, dirt track, gravel track, or an asphalt track, this year has them all. Also, if this is your first year joining the rally race fan base, don’t feel out of place. We are going to make sure you are aware of what to expect, how the races are judged, and what the overall rally premise is.

First, rally racing or rallying, is a motorsport involving a driver, a co-driver (or navigator), and a service crew, all applying their talents towards getting their team-car to the end of the course as quickly as possible.… Read the rest