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The History of the Indian Chief Motorcycle

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The famed Indian Chief motorcycle, although seemingly a newer company brand, has actually been kicking around for nearly 100 years. In 1922, it was introduced, considered a “big Scout”, and had a 1000cc engine. With the Indian Ace and Indian Scout also in the lineup of motorcycle for that time, the Indian Chief needed to stand out. As the Indian Motorcycle company grew and technology improved, so did manufacturing and designing. Different Indian models dropped over the years, but the Indian Chief raged on.

In 1932, an Indian Scout model was replaced by a new model, the 203 Scout, which basically was a Scout in the Indian Chief’s body frame.… Read the rest

Top Five Motorcycles to Look for in 2016

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If you were worried that 2016 was going to be a drag in the motorcycle world, compared to 2015, then your worries are about to be alleviated. Motorcycle manufacturers are pulling out all the stops for 2016, with a motorcycle lineup built to impress. Looking to see what it has to offer? Look no further! Here are the top five 2016 motorcycles we have been looking forward to, for this new calendar year.

 As I believe the near-century old company deserves, we should start with the 2016 Indian Scout Sixty. The Scout Sixty is a well-priced, up-scale, motorcycle, and is absolutely a must-watch for 2016.… Read the rest