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Motorcycle Auctions – 2015

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The flashy car auctions may get all the media attention (Barrett-Jackson anyone?), but motorcycles get their day on the auction block as well.  Some vintage bikes sell for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every year at auctions around the country. 2015 saw rare motorcycles go for some of the highest prices ever seen at auction.

Back in January, a 1959 Harley FLH Duo-Glide owned by Jerry Lee Lewis went on the block in Kissimmee, FL.  The final price? $350,000.

Then in March the E.J. Cole Collection of vintage motorcycles went on the block in Las Vegas. This collection was amassed over 50 years and featured 225 motorcycles that were auctioned for a staggering total of $12.27 million.… Read the rest

Top Motorcycle Racers of All Time

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The international thrill ride of motorcycle racing is something that few people have experienced and even fewer have mastered. This dangerous but rewarding sport has been graced by some impressive racers over the years and those racers have come from all over the world. Motorcycle racing is a difficult sport to judge, as there are many facets and classes that racers can make their mark in, which makes ranking them difficult. That being the case, we can still discuss some of the top motorcycle racers of all time, based on the impact they have made on the sport and on our hearts.… Read the rest

Getting Your Snowmobile Ready for Winter

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If you are one of the many that dumped your snowmobile in a corner of the garage and walked away for the summer, you have some work to do. Not to worry, your sled can be saved from a lack of off-season storage prep, but it will take a bit of work now to make your riding season fun and uneventful. Take a look as we cover how to get your snowmobile ready for winter and back on the snow.

Prepare For Winter Use

First, while it’s still warm outside, thoroughly wash your machine. This helps it look nice, but more importantly gets you up close and personal with any defects or damage.… Read the rest