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Snowmobile Racing Videos

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Snowmobile season brings not just outdoor fun in the snow, but actual racing.  Some people race for fun while others race in organized events for prizes and bragging rights.  But did you know that not all snowmobile racing takes place in the snow?

You didn’t?

Snowmobile racers have taken their machines off the snow and tackled some interesting challenges over the years

Watch as snowmobiles race on the water:

Would you bet on a snowmobile beating a Ferrari — on dry land?

Or maybe you want to watch more traditional snowmobile racing, this time from a rider’s POV? Check out this (long) video of a cross-country race via GOPRO:

Do you race your snowmobile?… Read the rest

Manual Writer Takes to the Open Road

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All those miles and miles of open road in the US are enjoyed by bikers of all stripes — including one of our very own freelancer authors. Ron Wright, a freelancer who has worked on manuals for both Clymer and Haynes, loves to hit the road on his BMW.  Here’s some highlights of a recent road trip, in Ron’s own words.


Here my 2007 BMW R1200GS is parked at highway 266 at the Nevada state line. From this point, I road east and then winnowed my way south to Death Valley National Park, where I rode through the park and camped in Lone Pine, CA.… Read the rest

Future Bikes (videos)

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Bikers love to argue over what motorcycle is the best, the most iconic. Everyone has their favorite — usually a version of the bike they own or dream of owning.  But what will be the most iconic motorcycle of the next decade? The next century? To try to predict the bike of the future, you only need to look at the concept motorcycles being developed by the major manufactures.

Take a look at this collection of concept cars announced in the past few years. Which one do you want to see on the road?

How about a motorcycle based on a classic sci-fi movie?… Read the rest

US Has Plenty of Wide Open Roads to Travel

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When bikers think of the ultimate motorcycle tour, odds are they cover the famous gatherings, like Sturgis and Daytona. However, the United States offers so much more. If you like technical rides, wide beautiful or varied scenery, one of a kind stops, or all of the above, the USA is a huge country with a lot to offer motorcyclists.

With all the wide open roads, vast vistas, thousands of scenic routes, and surprisingly low traffic density, it’s no wonder that bikers from other countries routinely make the trip to the USA, just to get some epic seat time. Foreign motorcycle enthusiasts might not speak English, but the enthusiasm of a motorcyclist needs no words and crosses cultural divides.… Read the rest