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Top Motorcycle Daredevils

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Motorcycle daredevils are looked at in the media as either psycho and off their meds, or as steely-eyed macho men whose only emotion is courage. Perhaps they are both. Here is a closer look at the top eight daredevil motorcycle riders.

Ronnie Renner

In front of a huge audience at Chicago’s Butler Field at Grant Park, Renner launched himself 63.5 feet into the sky and into the record books as the biggest motorcycle jump off a quarter pipe and landed safely. The jump surpassed his own world record, previously set by jumping over 59 feet one year earlier.

Eddie Kidd

Eddie Kidd is a famed daredevil and movie stuntman, best known for undertaking over 3,000 death-defying motorcycle jumps and doing stunt riding for the James Bond movies.… Read the rest

Guide for Storing Your Motorcycle

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Cooler temps are here and, unfortunately, that means winter is approaching. If you don’t plan on riding through winter, you will need to put your motorcycle up for hibernation through the winter so it will be ready to ride next spring. If your winterizing program consists of throwing a tarp over your motorcycle and walking away, read this quick guide on how to properly winterize your bike.

Preparing the Bike

First, change out the oil and filter and replace your other fluids if it is time. Use a slightly thicker winter weight motorcycle oil and fill to the proper level.… Read the rest