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ATV Daredevil

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The word “daredevil” is usually reserved for motorcycle riders who do amazing jumps. Every now and then someone driving a car or truck might earn the label, but what about ATV riders? They do stunts and jumps that are pretty amazing too.

Henry Rife, aka “the Pitbull” has done just that.  He started out doing jumps for the thrill of it in his hometown in Ohio. His fame spread outside the state and in 2007 he jumped 7 NYC taxis on the David Letterman Show. Then in 2014 he was one of three modern daredevils featured in “Heirs to the Dare,” a TV show that positioned three modern riders as heirs to the daredevil tradition of legends such as Evel Knievel.… Read the rest

10 Biggest Yachts in the World

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The biggest yachts on Earth are absolutely incredible machines. While size does not always equate with luxury when it comes to boating, these mega yachts certainly prove that bigger is better. While the list is always changing, here are the current top ten largest yachts in the world.

10. Al Salamah

Built in 1999, the Al Salamah may be tenth on this list, but its no rowboat. With a length of 456’, and beam of 71’, this is a huge boat. A crew of up to 96 served the Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia and 40 guests.

9. Ocean Victory

This 2014 Italian super yacht features a thoroughly modern design and advanced features.… Read the rest

Motorcycle Rallies – Fall 2015

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Fall motorcycle rallies offer cooler temperatures, brilliant fall colors, and possibly most important; the kids away in school. If you are planning a road trip this fall, or just need somewhere to go, look into these unique fall motorcycle rallies.

Harley Day & Summer Festival, August 30, 2015

Although this is mainly an HD-related event, it’s too sweet not to include. Hit E-town’s famous Raceway Park for an event unlike anything you’ve seen before. Yes, there’s a bike show, but this celebration of speed lets you drag race you own Harley. Top Fuel bikes will be running too, and there’s everything from a swap meet to a tattoo contest.… Read the rest

Rarest Motorcycles in the World (video)

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Appreciation of the past is a hallmark of the motorcycle world.  From honoring the history of riding clubs to celebrating the 75th anniversary of Sturgis, bikers love history. They also love vintage and antique motorcycles.  Spending hours faithfully restoring a classic or vintage motorcycle is not uncommon. Seeing vintage bikes at a show or rally is usually a highlight of the event and making the trek to a motorcycle museum is a common bucket list item to be checked off.

Thanks to the power of streaming media, you can actually see some of the rarest motorcycles in the world without having to travel — and even hear some of them rev up decades or even a century after they were built.… Read the rest

What’s in Your Road Toolkit?

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Packing for a road trip on a motorcycle can be the absolute worst part about the entire trip. It doesn’t have to be. By knowing what to pack, and what you can leave behind, you can get out on the road and enjoy the ride worry free. Sure, there’s a lot of stuff you already know to bring, like your helmet or a tire pressure gauge, so let’s look at the more unconventional packing list. Take a look at this list before heading out for the best ride of your life.


This may seem a bit obvious, but it is essential.… Read the rest