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Get your ATV Ready for Spring!

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It’s a beautiful day and you head outside excited for an off-road adventure. You get on your quad and fire it up – only, it doesn’t start. After multiple tries it will crank, but not start. Your day of riding is over before it even started. What went wrong? You forgot the spring tune-up. Follow along as we get you ready for warm weather riding.

Change your oil, if you did not during winter service. Use the proper weight, to the fill level, and don’t be a cheapo; change the oil filter too.

While you are down there, take a look at the spark plugs, hoses, and belts, and replace as needed.… Read the rest

Keep Motorcycle Grease off Your Electronic Devices

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Clymer customers and fans like to work on their bikes themselves. Whenever possible you guys are rolling up your sleeves to perform everything from routine maintenance to complete rebuild/restoration projects. That’s what we love about you.

The internet has made it even easier to get your hands on repair resources like schematics, “how to” blog posts, and even videos. But when you put your greasy hands on that smartphone or tablet to swipe on to the next screen or zoom in on a diagram you risk ruining the device.

Our partners over at Haynes have come up with a solution.  Check it out:

Best of all, this trick works for more than just repairs.  If you’re out riding in the rain or snow and afraid that your phone or ipod or whatever is going to fall into a puddle or snowdrift, this solves that.  It’s also great for checking your GPS on a wet ride.… Read the rest

Tips on Buying a Vintage Motorcycle

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So you’ve got a good chunk of change burning a hole in your bank account, and a desire to spend many hours working on, and swearing at, some old machinery? Sounds like you need a vintage motorcycle. It doesn’t have to be all wads of cash, busted knuckles, and fruitless searches for obscure parts. Read on as we cover how to buy your first vintage bike.

First, do NOT buy the first vintage motorcycle you come across, even if you are itchin’ to ride. Know what kind you want, as a café racer is a different experience from a cruiser, and neither is for everyone.… Read the rest

Snowmobile Maintenance

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For some of our readers, snowmobile season is wrapping up, but for others, it still has a few months to go. With that in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at your machine. A few moments in the garage will help ensure the rest of the season is just as great as the start.

Track tension – The track needs the right amount of tension, not too tight or too loose. Too tight will cause damage to your suspension, and too loose will cause a loss of performance. Also check for wear, and replace if needed.

Ski alignment – Just as in a car, needing an alignment will decrease performance and can be hazardous.… Read the rest