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Ultimate Motorcycle Restoration

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How fast can you restore a motorcycle?

Restoring a motorcycle to its former glory can take weeks or months – especially if you have to spend time searching for rare parts.  The experts at J&P Cycles put their talents to the test. They restored two Kawasaki bikes in only four days.  Of course, they have years of experience restoring and customizing bikes not to mention an extensive warehouse of parts and a network for sourcing hard-to-find parts.

Their successful restoration and customization of the KZ 650 and KZ 750 may have set a speed record, but the finished bikes can serve as an inspiration for those who may take a little more time, but want to rebuild their own vintage motorcycle.… Read the rest

DIY with Chilton Manuals

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When it comes to DIY car repair on of the most well-known names is Chilton.  Those of you looking solid repair and maintenance information for your car, truck, or SUV can now go to this site:

One of the reasons that Chilton Manuals are so popular is that they are created by tearing down newer model cars.  Every year the experts at Chilton disassemble and  then rebuild a number of models, documenting the entire process.  The result is step-by-step instructions for virtually any conceivable repair or maintenance issue, complete with diagrams and photos.

These books aren’t made for professional mechanics.  Chilton’s experts make sure that every repair can be done with common tools that the average DIYer will have on hand.… Read the rest

Buying a Used ATV

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Buying a used quad can be as fun as buying a used car. While the machines are very different, there can be the same smarmy dealership experience, and the potential for getting ripped off by buying someone else’s problems. Before you plop down your heard earned cash, let’s look at some good to know advice.

First, remember that you are buying a used machine, and it likely will not be perfect. This is not a bad deal, as the price comes down as wear goes up. Looking at ATVs on a budget? You can buy one 10 years old for a great price, and it won’t be pretty, but it could have many years of dependable riding left.… Read the rest

Top 10 Most Expensive Motorcycles

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Auctions are great for the massive amount of interesting and flat out awesome stuff that crosses the block. Sometimes you can’t believe what a screamin’ deal someone picked up. Other times you wonder what the heck the bidders were smoking. Either way, most of us can’t afford the bikes on this list, but like auctions, looking is half the fun.

10. Brough Superior SS100, $425,943

Brough Superior made fantastic motorcycles for their time, and while they were desirable back then, they have massively increased in value since. This 1939 example was used by founder George Brough in a race immediately after its construction.… Read the rest