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Planning Your Spring Road Trip

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While some areas of the country as still snowed under, spring is coming, and no time is too early to start planning those long distance trips. No matter what you ride, there are several common factors to consider before heading out. We love the details, so check out this handy guide for everything from bike prep to route planning, and enjoy the ride.

Route Planning

There are all kinds of great sights to see from the road, or to stop and visit for a while. If you don’t have a dedicated route planned, just a destination, check out a detailed road map and see what is available on the back-roads.… Read the rest

Rare Motorcycles

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Antique motorcycles are few and far between. Finding some in working order is even more exciting.  The videos below feature some of the rarest motorcycles found by the experts at “What’s in the Barn” —  including one that’s over 100 years old.

Here you can see a 1912 Pierce Mountain Climber start up after decades in storage:

Then there’s the 1917 Harley Davidson Model J which was used as WW1 Messenger Pigeon Carrier:

Lastly, check out this 1926 Harley Davidson Peashooter discovered in a military warehouse:

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Bargain Machine or Lead Sled? A Quick Guide for Used Snowmobiles

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Let’s say you have decided to join the awesome and ever-expanding world of snow machines. If this is your first time, odds are you are looking at used, and that’s a good choice. A new Yamaha or Polaris is a great buy, but a used sled can be a great value, if you know what to look for. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide for buying a used snowmobile.

Shows, Dealers, Private Party, Oh My!

Odds are you know where to find a good local sled. If not, the absolute best places to look for quality “pre-loved” snow machines are at trade shows, expos, and your local dealer.… Read the rest

Washington DC Motorcycle Show

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The 2015 Washington DC Motorcycle Show was held this past weekend, January 9th – 11th. It featured the J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show, the Progressive Garage, Progressive Stage, and an amazing Marketplace.

Other attractions drawing the crowds included a stunt show and the Exotics Pavilion which exhibited the limited edition and rare motorcycles that you won’t find at your local dealership. Some of the manufacturers who participated were Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Kawasaki, BRP, and Suzuki.

If you missed it, take a quick look at the event set up and watch Jason Britton do a few stunts.

The next Progressive International Motorcycle Show is this weekend, January 16th-18th in Miami.… Read the rest