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Off-Season Bike Rallies

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It may be cold out, but there’s always a reason to go out and make some new motorcycle buddies. Whether you call ‘em rallies, shows, or events, a bike rally is one of the best ways to see new models, shop used, check out accessories, or just hang out, BS, and gossip about bikes. These are some great places to go this winter.

The Ditch Work Ride

Tired of work? I am. Let’s get out of here and ride. That’s the simple idea behind the twice monthly Ditch Work Ride, January 14th in Fresno, California. Any legal bike or biker is welcome.… Read the rest

Maddison Takes on Olympic Park

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A recent released video shows motorcycle daredevil Robbie Maddison doing a “drop in” at the Utah Olympic Park (Park City, UT).

Maddison, known to fans as “Maddo,” navigates his way through what appears to be a luge/bobsled course and then takes a run down the ski jump.

Maddison is known for his stunt driving in films and for daredevil stunts like last year’s New Year’s Eve jump (see in the videos below):

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1970 BMW R75/5 Goes “On the Lift”

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Time for another episode of “On the Lift” from the Clymer YouTube archives.  This time the experts at Clymer Tech are looking at the 1970 BMW R75/5.

If you want to learn more about the manufacturing history of this BMW, the specific features of the bike, or how it performs on a test drive, check out the video below or check out the manual for the motorcycle here.

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Boating Gifts for Every Budget

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Have you got a boater on your “nice” list, but don’t know what to get them? Boating is a large pastime with many participants, and the market has responded to fill catalogs with everything from the super useful or whimsical, to the downright stupid. This quick list has everything from super cheap, to less so, and none of it is junk. Take a look, for the best boat gifts this holiday season.

Under $25

Clothing – Everyone loves a T-shirt with a witty saying, and there are plenty out there for boaters. Check Amazon for “Captain Awesome,” “What happens on the boat, stays on the boat,” and “I’d rather be boating.” Classic captain’s hats run all of about $10, and add a fun feel to any boat, and of course, everyone loves a good boat shoe.… Read the rest

18 Tips for New Snowmobilers

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Buying your first snow machine, or getting one for the kiddos? If you remember back to when you first started driving, it seemed like there was so much to remember and pay attention to while on the road. Snowmobiling is the same experience and can be intimidating for the newbie, so take a look at these quick tips.

Plan out the expenses. The snow machine is just part of the cost. You will need riding gear, insurance, maintenance and wear items, and fuel. Speaking of fuel, use quality gas. Buy the proper octane rating from a national chain, and try to minimize the use of gas blended with ethanol (it is labelled E-10).… Read the rest