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Buying Your First Snowmobile

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If your buddies are tired of you borrowing their sled, it’s time to buy your own. There’s a lot to consider before you plunk down your hard earned cash and ride off into the forest. Take a look at this quick guide before your first ride.

Before you Buy

Buying a snowmobile is like buying a car, or any big purchase. The first step is to narrow down the choices. Are you looking for a snow blasting hot rod, or a utility sled that can do work? If this is your first time out, take a look at the entry-level rides.… Read the rest

Winterizing Your Boat

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You probably don’t want to hear this, but the end of boating season is coming in just a couple short months — in some parts of the country where winter comes early, you may be facing that in a matter of weeks. While you don’t have to winterize, a few hours of preventative maintenance will save you a lot of cash come springtime. Here’s what you should look for if this is your first winter with your boat.

First, think about your storage options. This is the one case where land is better than water for your boat. Wintering on the water can cause buildup on the hull, damage from lack of slack in ropes, and ice damage to the hull in really cold locales.… Read the rest

Your First Vintage Motorcycle Restoration

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Anyone can go out and buy a new Fat Boy. Not everyone can say they restored their own 1942 WLA. There is something magical about riding a classic bike, something rare that you don’t see every day, and the pride that goes with owning it is something you won’t forget. Before starting out though, take a few minutes to look over these thoughts.

You should know what you are getting into, before you start. The old saying is “Quick, Good, Cheap. Pick two.” There is a lesson there. Restorations take time and money to be done right. If you have less cash, you will have to piece it together over time.… Read the rest