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The Best US Lakes for Boating

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There are over 100,000 lakes in the USA. If you tried every single one of them for a day, you would need over 270 years to visit them all. Not a bad way to live. However, since we don’t have that kind of time, just be sure to visit this list of the most awesome boating lakes in the country. Try for one or two during boating season and eventually you’ll see them all.

Lake Washington, WA

This oblong lake is minutes from downtown Seattle, and has tons of access points. The location offers city backdrops on the west, forested hills on the east, and you can see Mount Rainer to the south.… Read the rest

Ongoing ATV Maintenance

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Enjoying the riding season this year? We’re a bit past the halfway point, so it might be a good time to take a look at your ride to make sure there are no problems down the trail. Here’s some simple reminders about what to look at before your next ride.


When was the last oil change? If it’s been 6 months, or you have been riding hard and/or a lot, it is probably due. It’s cheap preventative maintenance to the ATV’s most critical and expensive components. Be sure to tighten the drain bolt to the proper torque. If the bolt is too loose, it’ll come out, and you won’t enjoy losing that on a rough ride.… Read the rest