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Maintaining your Mower

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Lawn mowers are typically the home owner’s most expensive outdoor tool. While zero-turn riders understandably cost thousands of dollars, even simple push mowers can cost hundreds to replace. Let’s cover a few ways to reduce the odds of expensive maintenance or replacement, and keep your mower sharp.

Blade — The blade is probably the single most important part of the mower, as everything else is pointless without it. Make sure it is free of bends, dents, and cracks. Take a close look at your lawn after cutting. Are the blades of grass ragged where the mower cut it? If so, your blade needs sharpening.… Read the rest

ATV Tricks & Stunts

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Ever wonder what experienced, professional quad drivers can do on their machines?  While most drivers can do some simple tricks, more advanced stunts require skill, planning, and lots and lots of practice.

Even if you’re not going to attempt these at home (and you probably shouldn’t), it’s sure fun to watch others. The two videos below let driver show off their skills. First up is a driver doing some solo tricks. Then check out a French team of stunt drivers and their carefully choreographed tricks.


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Best US Motorcycle Rallies

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Just as each motorcycle is a reflection of the rider, leading to lots of variety on the road, there is a lot of diversity in bike rallies as well. Some are beer fests, others are cruises, shows, or have –uh, questionable adult contests. Still, they have one thing in common; they are all worth going to.

Las Vegas, NV

You can’t really come up with a better name than Bikefest, and Sin City nails the bike rally. Live music all weekend from big name performers, bike shows, gorgeous bike babes. Vegas knows how to party. One of the more interesting and unusual aspects is the Artistry in Iron exhibit.… Read the rest

Operation Dry Water

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At the end of June, officials all over the country participated in “Operation Dry Water.”  The goal was to put thousands of law enforcement officers on local waters to crack down on Boating Under the Influence (BUI) prior to the national holiday.

Founded by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators the program is designed to increase education about the dangers of BUI as well as catch drunk boaters before there is an accident. Last year more than 500 agencies participated and over 144K boaters were contacted. Officers arrested nearly 300 boaters and issued over 4900 citations.

Since the annual event started in 2009 the number of alcohol-caused boater deaths has decreased 37%.… Read the rest

Top ATV Destinations

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Trails, and thus off-roading, varies by the location. The amount of mud or the scenic views are important, but so is the wildlife and the experience of seeing something new. If you’re in one of these regions this summer, hit up these trails for a great ride whether you have a vintage ATV or a newer model.

Hungry Valley SVRA

Located just a short drive north of LA, the Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area offers one of the best off-road experiences in California. There’s 19,000 acres of varied terrain. Elevation ranges from 2,000 feet above sea level, up to just over 8,000 feet.… Read the rest