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Summer Boat Maintenance Tips

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Odds are you have already taken the boat out on the water this season. As much fun as that can be, there is some needed basic maintenance that goes along with the good times. Boating Basics pointed out recently that 8% of boating accidents are maintenance related, so let’s do our part now to make the most of your boating season. Refer to a general boating manual or the specific manual for your make/model.

Keep it clean

No, I’m not talking about the time you spilled beer on your bucket seats. The exterior of the boat needs to stay just as clean as the interior, and it’s arguable that the hull should stay even cleaner than the cabin.… Read the rest

Ready for Sturgis?

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With just six weeks to go, bikers from around the country are gearing up for the 74th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The 2014 Rally will be held August 4-10 in Sturgis, ND. The small town of 6,400 residents will be hosting several hundred thousand motorcycle enthusiasts in the annual celebration of all things associated with the biker lifestyle. The event, which started in 1938, has expanded over the decades to include not just competitions, but cruises, runs, bike shows, concerts, and the annual Mayor’s Ride as well as countless vendors from food trucks to mobile tattoo shops. Over 100 concerts are on the schedule as well as events like the AMSOIL Sturgis Nationals which will have legendary racers Marion Owens, Pete Hill, and Bonnie Truett as Grand Marshals.… Read the rest

Buying a Used Motorcycle

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While buying a new motorcycle is an exciting experience, there are many benefits to buying used. A used bike customer faces a much lower initial cost, break-in procedures already complete, lower insurance rates, and no worries about minor scratches. Here is a guide to help make the right decisions, without buying “someone else’s problems.”

Know What You’re Buying

We all have different riding styles, expectations and needs, and preferences about what is a perfect bike. That is why we are fortunate to have so much variety in motorcycles these days. However, the flip side of this is there are a lot of motorcycles that might not be well suited for you.… Read the rest

ATV Safety

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It’s summertime, which means more people are taking their ATV out into the wild to have a good time with family and friends.  With the increase in off-roading activity, the issue of safety becomes more important — especially to families with young riders who go ATVing together.

Over the weekend Olympic champion Amy Van Dyken-Rouen severed her spinal chord in an ATV accident. She is recovering, but the accident calls attention to the risk associated with driving an off-road vehicle.

The two videos below offer some safety tips for ATV riders, especially young riders & families who ride together.

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Tips for the New ATV Owner

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Some of you have been riding ATVs since the glory days of the Honda ATC three-wheeler. One, that’s awesome, and two, this article isn’t for you. Every year, a new batch of ATV riders is born, trying out their skills off-roading for the first time. And every year, there are injuries from complete newbies hurting themselves from lack of knowledge. If you have never ridden an ATV before, check out this common sense list before you fire up.

Consider its Abilities – and Yours

First, realize this is a machine that weighs several hundred pounds. Confident and experienced riders are killed by their ATVs every year, and while this should not discourage you from riding, it should provide a measure of caution.… Read the rest