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Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for the Road

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Spring is here! After that terrible winter, it’s finally time to start riding again. If you have neglected your motorcycle during the winter (Understandable. Who likes working on freezing cold metal?), then it’s time for some necessary maintenance before you can fire up.

Don’t worry, this should be easy enough for anyone with a basic understanding of motorcycles. Follow this list and we’ll have you blasting down the road in no time.

Electrical Check the battery charge with a voltmeter. It should test around the 12.5V area. Charge it on a trickle charger if it reads low. Check the terminals for corrosion.… Read the rest

Spring Tune-up for Boating Season

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The winter that seemed like it would never end, has finally ended. Warmer weather means boating season! If you have not even looked at your boat since it touched water last fall, you have some work to do. Fear not friend; follow this handy checklist for advice on how to get your boat back in the water, and running like new.


Take a quick look over (or, in this case, under) your boat. Leaks can be nasty things, so make sure you won’t have any this spring. Look for the obvious cracks and dents, but also blisters or residue. If you find any damage, repair and reseal before it hits the water again.… Read the rest

First Ride for Harley Street 750

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Harley Davidson has a new entry-level cruiser that targets those on a budget: the Harley Davidson Street 750. While the company has not released an official MSRP for the new model, experts believe it will be priced around $7500. This will be an affordable option for young, entry-level riders who can then become brand loyalists when they are ready to trade up.

It is set to be released both in the US and internationally.  Check out this “first ride” by Motorcycle USA.

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