10 Biggest Yachts in the World

Ocean Victory yachtThe biggest yachts on Earth are absolutely incredible machines. While size does not always equate with luxury when it comes to boating, these mega yachts certainly prove that bigger is better. While the list is always changing, here are the current top ten largest yachts in the world.

10. Al Salamah

Built in 1999, the Al Salamah may be tenth on this list, but its no rowboat. With a length of 456’, and beam of 71’, this is a huge boat. A crew of up to 96 served the Crown Prince Sultan of Saudi Arabia and 40 guests.

9. Ocean Victory

This 2014 Italian super yacht features a thoroughly modern design and advanced features. An impressive 459’ are needed to hold the six swimming pools, underwater viewing room, and helicopter hangar with elevator platform.

8. Yas

Originally a Dutch navy frigate, the cold warrior HNLMS Piet Hein was overhauled in 2011 to become the UAE’s Yas. The spectacular design is also incredibly lightweight, allowing the powerful ship to reach 27 knots. Bring 60 of your favorite guests, and enjoy stylish opulence.

7. Mahroussa (El Horria)

For a ship launched in 1865, Mahroussa looks great. Several renovations over the years added length until it reached 478’. While it has been a Egyptian Navy vessel for the last few decades, it still has prestige and luxury, as Mahrussa is also a presidential yacht.

6. Prince Abdulaziz

The Prince was the face of the Saudi royal family, and the largest yacht anywhere, for an incredible 22 years. While it’s 1984 design looks a little dated, it was refitted in 2005 to achieve a modern luxury yacht experience. For the ultimate in relaxed yachting, go with Prince Abdulaziz.

5. Topaz

Although not at all colorful, the Topaz is a jewel. A striking, sleek design exhibits this 2012 mega yacht for all the world to enjoy. On the outside at least. On the inside, there’s a movie theater, swimming pool, and fully equipped fitness center. Topaz is 482’ long.

4. Al Said

At 508’ long and almost 79’ wide, Al Said is the current record holder for highest displacement yacht. It’s also powerful, with a combined 22,000 horsepower. Inside, it’s more like a summer vacation, as recreation varies from Jacuzzi options to bowling.

3. Dubai

Construction took a full decade on this mega yacht, and it was the largest in the world when launched in 2006. Graceful lines disguise its bulk, but this is one big boat. 531’ long, and a 75.5’ beam create enough space for 115 guests to stare in awe at the glass spiral staircase and hand-laid mosaics.

2. Eclipse

Meant to “eclipse” the former largest yacht, Dubai, the Eclipse sits at 533’ and a 72’ beam, slightly longer than the previous record holder, and still a decent 2nd today. Details are limited, but Eclipse is believed to have a crew of 70, space for three helicopters, and a submarine.

1. Azzam

At first glance, you might think the 590’ long Azzam may have been built out of an old aircraft carrier. One step onboard, and you’ll see this is something magnificent. The design is timeless, but innovative, allowing plenty of guest space and a quick top speed of over 30 knots. There is nothing bigger. Yet.

monaco yacht show - editorialThe Monaco Yacht Show’s director recently noted that on 15 years ago 45 meters was considered large for a yacht. Today it’s 100 meters – or more. That trend isn’t likely to end soon.

Up next, the most likely super yacht to upset this list is called Triple Deuce. At over 728’, it will be longer than most cruise ships. Bring your checkbook, as Tri-D is likely to cost well over $1billion.

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