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All About the 2018 Kawasaki Z125 PRO

Just in its second year of production, the 2018 Kawasaki Z125 PRO is one of a growing number of small sport bikes, a great option for riders growing out of their 49-cc scooters but not quite ready for 500-plus-cc road bikes. Still, experienced riders shouldn’t ignore how much fun Kawasaki has managed to squeeze into such a small package. Not quite a mini-bike or scooter, but definitely not a full-size sport bike or street fighter, the latest trend in 125-cc runabouts offers nimble handling, great for weaving in city traffic, and just enough power to keep things interesting, though most States prohibit highway access.… Read the rest

2018 BMW Motorcycle Updates

2018 BMW Motorcycle Updates

We’d like to say that this article covers all the changes for the 2018 BMW motorcycle model year, but BMW has been known to keep a few cards to themselves and sometimes even take some back. What we can say is that, as of now, this is what we know about the 2018 BMW motorcycle lineup. Most of the changes announced affect the 2018 BMW R1200 series sport bike, with a few other model changes for good measure.

2018 BMW R1200GS & R1200GSA

Both models feature new auxiliary LED lighting, but the GSA – “A” is for Adventure – gets a host of optional equipment choices.… Read the rest

Bikers for Boobies in Scottsdale, Arizona

On Saturday, October 21st, there will an event in Scottsdale called Bikers for Boobies. It is a charity motorcycle ride which is intended to raise money for breast cancer. It is the biggest bike ride in the Valley and it helps a worthy cause. This charity event was started 9 years ago. The president of bikers for boobies, Shelly Martin, wanted to create something to help women with breast cancer. Since bikers for boobies was created, it has provided charitable donations to multiple breast cancer organizations and has been able to provide 20 mammograms. In 2014, over $60,000 was raised for local breast cancer organizations.… Read the rest

Fixing Your Honda with a Clymer Repair Manual

Some might consider one hand tool or another to be the most important in the toolbox, but it’s more likely that neither of the two most important tools you can have would fit there. Of course, we’re talking about your brain and a repair manual – both would get dirty or damaged in the average DIY toolbox. The reason we say this is because no matter what tools you own or what mechanical aptitude you have, you can’t really fix your Honda without the specific information only a Honda repair manual can provide. Without a repair manual, at best, you might waste some time or break something.… Read the rest

Riding in the rain

Hey welcome to weekly rides! It’s Reuben! Weekly rides with Reuben are uploaded every Wednesday and they’re a random collection of motorcycle reviews, motorcycle adventures and life on two wheels.

Today we’re on a Triumph Bonneville, back on the old Bonnie and today’s topic is gonna be riding in the rain! Suitable topic for a bike that’s built in the U.K. right? All our British fans can chime in about how it rains there all the time. You know we get rain pretty often here in the Carolinas as well and riding in the rain brings its own set of challenges, so we’re gonna hop aboard the Bonnie here!… Read the rest

Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

This video from FortNine is a great guide to the best Motorcycling rain gear.

Here is the transcript if you want to read through it again or print it.  Thank you Fort Nine 

I’m Ryan Fortnine and this is how I gear up for rainy weather. Now I ride in mesh pants year-round and in my side case, I keep icons PDX rain bib. Now this set-up gives me a whole lot of range for my money, because I have mesh for the summer, rain pants for the rain, and then when it gets cold in the fall or the spring, I layer up with the rain pants again to stay warm.… Read the rest

Best Motorcycles of 2017

Watch this great video from HooHooHoblin on YouTube.

Here is the video transcript but Hoohoogoblin is much more fun to listen to.

These are the best motorcycles at the 2017 motorcycle show. According to me, your opinion may differ, but we had a great time down in Long Beach looking at bikes.

The Germans have come up with a new R9T that looks like the old adventure bikes, but it is the street nimble R9T. Well you might say, “Well that’s not a real adventure bike, a real adventure bike has blah, blah, blah,” but look at the chunky tires. Look at the big offer offender.… Read the rest

About Big Turbo Motorcycles

What’s the story with big turbo motorcycles? Looking at some gasoline engines and many diesel engines in automobiles, one finds forced induction almost everywhere, turbochargers and superchargers in cars and trucks of all sizes. Where they used to be mainly found in performance vehicles, forced-induction engines have been adopted to improve economy in all kinds of vehicles, but not motorcycles. Well, at least not many motorcycles. In fact, only four makers have ever dabbled in production turbocharged motorcycles, the big four from Japan, including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki.

The first semi-production turbocharged motorcycle was the Kawasaki Z1R-TC, built by Turbo Cycle Corporation, and then there was the 1982 Honda CX 500 Turbo and 1983 650 Turbo, the 1982-83 Yamaha XJ 650 Seca Turbo, the 1983 Suzuki XN 85 Turbo, and the 1983-1985 Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo – also a late-2003 supercharged scooter, the Peugeot JetForce Compressor, but we don’t talk about that one.… Read the rest